Black QB Site I found..

I been Internet Surffing And Found this Site

That Talks about black QB .
Some info is out of date but it still Nice Find.

I'm always of two minds when I see sites like this.

On the one hand, I enjoy seeing information (never mind it is outdated) about CFL players. And I do understand that black players have suffered over the years from discrimination (Cookie Gilchrist has refused his induction to the Cdn Football HOF all these years becasue of it) and so there is a natural desire to showcase them. So yes, Onknight, it is a good find.

On the other hand though, I don't like to make distinctions based on race. I don't see colour, I see people. And I wish we didn't need to, or choose to, make colour the basis for so much of our thinking and outlook. In a perfect world, we wouldn't. I know it isn't a perfect world.

How can a page that bills itself as a "Black Quarterback Historical Website" not mention Bernie Custis? Especially with a mission statement like this:

"The African American Quarterback until recently had been viewed as a novelty and many BQB's have been stereotyped as an "Athlete" only. With this site we wanted to show the strength, skill, knowledge, and most of all the history of these men."

Custis should be first on the list. He was a veteran starter, an all-star QB and an integral part of the 1953 Grey Cup-winning Hamilton Tiger-Cats at a time when the NFL had only just ended official segregation. Indeed, in that same year, when African American QB (and future CFL'er) Willie Thrower came off the bench for a few plays for the Chicago Bears, it was deemed so bizarre that the story was featured in "Ripley's Believe it or Not!", alongside other unbelievable stories like Bigfoot and UFos.

Coupled with his career in education, his legacy with Mac and the Burlington Braves, and his countless years working with the youth of the Hamilton region, Bernie Custis should have his own section on that website.

And hey, while we're at it, why isn't Bernie Custis a part of the Ticat coaching staff? I heard rumours that he's around in some kind of semi-official capacity, but I would think his permanent presence would be an unmitigated good for this struggling franchise.

Bernie has been a full time scout for the Ticats for 15 years.
since he retired from his job as an elementary school Principal
for the Wentworth County Board Education, Bunner.

and for many years prior to that he was a part-time scout.

...Interesting, thanks.

Memorial Pubic School, in Stoney Creek.

I know, he was my principal.

:twisted: :oops: :twisted: :oops: :twisted:

Ah, one of the easiest typos to make, yet with the biggest payoff in terms of hilarity.

During the last provincial election, the Globe and Mail announced on its front page, in a headline, in big, bold letters, that Howard Hampton and the NDP would be running on a platform of "pubic power." They shoulda went with it - probably woulda got more seats.

Anyhow, I re-visit this thread to suggest that Bernie Custis write an autobiography. Not only would it be historically valuable and a compelling read, but it would be a fine addition to bookshelfs that already include "A Gentleman and a Tiger" and "Rufus, Baby: A Dream to Defeat the Odds."

My L key was stuck. angellic look

cool website. I ain't black but still very interesting. Comedian Chris Rock may have said it best here,
"I always used to root for the black quarterbacks. Now there are enough black quarterbacks that there are black quarterbacks that I hate. … When we get a black Dave Wannstedt? A losing coach who's still being considered for the top football jobs? Then we'll have equality."