black pants

keep the black pants 1st road win in 2 years get rid of the white pants


i thought they lookked stupid yesterday.. half black half white.?? its looks better when its a solid colour, white all the way:) and dont gimme that, they woulda won with white pants on too :slight_smile:!


Looked great..better than unitards, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

The road record over the past two seasons speaks for itself.

Long live the black pants!


Gold pants, but then you have to change the yellow vertical stripes on the jerseys to black so that they can continue into the top part of the pant stripe. Personally I think that would look better.

i agree with the gold pants but i would get rid of the side stripes on the jersey's alltogether

No point tossing out the white pants. How about teaming them up with the black jerseys for a game now and then?

I think the Ticats look best wearing white sweaters with black trim and black pants with gold piping for road games and black sweaters with gold pants at home. Just my opinion.

The gold pants and black stripe idea is a dandy.

Black is better than white .
Gold with black stripe(?) better yet :thup:

How about black with a lttle mauve accents and a cool hip pocket.
The fall fashions are out and a high waist is hot hot hot!

I can't believe this thread.
Lock it now and save us all.

Part of the appeal of a team is how they look. Sport fans have always keyed on this.
Fans want to identify with their 'heroes' and often support the team by buying jerseys etc.. so they have a vested interest. And another thing, I haven't heard anything about a high waist being hot hot hot this fall. Where are you getting your information!

For a bunch of all care way too much what the team is wearing. Who cares. They could be wearing black,white and gold tutu's for all I care, long as they win. They look fine.....its their talent on the field not their fashion sense i am there to watch.

That's exactly it.

People on here are saying we don't look intimidating enough in all white. It's not your jersey that makes you intimidating. It's how you play the game. The Baltimore Ravens have purple in their uniforms and theyhad one of the most intimidating defences in recent history.

Donate the white pants to some deserving High School...AND PLEASE... NEVER, EVER, LET THE TICATS WEAR WHITE AGAIN!