Black Out Rules

Ok, I will try this forum! For the past three years I have contacted the league asking for details of the blackout rules, with no luck, so lets hope this works.

I want to know not just the geographical area that is included in the blackout, but the rules about lifting the blackout. For example, it has been suggested that teams are required to lift the blackout if they have a sell out, is this true?

I know I am repeating myself from previous posts, but it would also be great if the league would post those other rules and regulations beyond the game play, like free agency, picking players off the practice roster, and oh yea the existing salary management system.

Just get a sat dish and you should get like 8 cbc stations so if the game is on cbc and its blacked out just switch to another and you can watch it. TSN doesn't black out games in regions to my knowledge but if they do please tell as that would be intresting.

Mitt I dont think that it will work because the recieves has a location code and you will be blacked out anyways(not 100% sure thought)

The league doesnt control the blackouts the team does.

blackouts are lifted if there is a sellout, or if its an important game, usualyy 2 or 3 games are lifted.

I know that teams can lift a blackout, but I thought the league set things like the minimun number that they are required to lift.

Yup TSN does impose the blackout.

The standard CFL blackout policy is as follows:
The blackout pattern for CFL games is 56 km radius from the stadium for cable television and 120 kms for conventional (CBC). There is one exception to this rule. The Province of Saskatchewan is subject to full provincial blackouts.

Still looking for info regarding blackout lifting

Found this, though not entirely usefull

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  1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SPTV recognizes that, in certain limited circumstances, program deletion may be appropriate for the purpose of respecting pre-existing program rights. For example, in some cases, licensed broadcasting undertakings perform blackouts in cases where contractual requirements, such as those for the CFL, prohibit the broadcast of a program in certain areas within the broadcaster's licensed territory.

Question 6 here ...

Again not any detailed rules on what causes a Blackout or what lifts it

Hope I find something eventually

Anybody know the blackout rules for the CFL. I live in vancouver and sometimes i can watch the lions at home and sometimes i can't on starchoice. Is the blackout based on fans at the game or what.



The standard CFL blackout policy is as follows:
The blackout pattern for CFL games is 56 km radius from the stadium for cable television and 120 kms for conventional (CBC). There is one exception to this rule. The Province of Saskatchewan is subject to full provincial blackouts.

Do they still do replays of games on TSN or CBC after the game. I know they used to do this years ago and now that I am back living in the city of my favortie team and i work alot of nights that my team plays, i am unable to watch. Are there any stations that replay broadcasts?

Most Blackout rules specify a certain number of season ticket holders, as well as a certain number of seats sold before a certain date/time before the game.

But I haven't seen anything that specifially relates to the CFL or it's teams as to when a Blackout will be in effect, and when if will be lifted.

The idea is to make you buy the tickets to go watch the game live, and not have half the city watch the game for free, while the stadium sits empty.

the rule a couple years ago was that teams had to lift 2 blackouts a year and could lift more if they wanted. It is totally up to the teams. i also remember a time a few years ago the league was giving Calgary trouble because they had a sellout days in advance and refused to lift it.

Hey Leeing thanks for asking and thanks for the replies clarifying an age old question. Now Sylvan Lake is beyond 56 km so i’m ok for Eskimos vs Bombers tonight.


Thanks guys, 4th
PS: Go Esks Go

I get blackouts down here in the States on some Friday night games. Not sure what that's all about.

These two posts summarize it pretty well.
Also, the current owners in Hamilton and toronto haven't blacked out any games since they bought the teams.

There have been some issues with games being blacked out on satellite that shouldn't have been, but those are issues with Bell and/or StarChoice. (Game being blacked out on channel 400, but shown on 402. Doesn't help if you're taping the game while you're away.) I emailed someone in the CFL offices last year because of one of these situations, and he replied saying they were looking into it with Bell to clear up the issue. I haven't noticed it happening again since then.

Monteal does not black out any games either even though they are all sold out

They are not blacked out. VOOM WorldSport HD (on DISH Network) has exclusive rights to the Friday night games* (save one Thursday night game this season).

*In a double-header, the first game only.

I don't understand or like the blackout rules. I have TSN (regular) and TSN HD on two different channels (my cable provider is Videotron). Last night I watched the Toronto BC game on TSN HD (the game was aired on the regular TSN as well). But, the Esks Bombers game was blacked out on TSN HD, but not on regular TSN! It sort of defeats the purpose to air the game on the regular TSN. So, the result is that I could watch the game, but not in HD. Why? Why would the HD version be blacked out? I live in Montreal, so how could my watching the game on TV affect ticket sales? I really do not understand the logic in this. I also find it annoying, because I pay extra to get TSN HD, and they blackout games.