Black out question

Actually they do black out satellites based on your billing postal code.

I think its 24 hours before a CFL game. Not sure if it still the case but two or three years ago all teams had to lift at least 2 blackouts. I think the Riders did lift all the blackouts last season.

Most, but not all.

Yup. If you check out your system information you will see that there is a location code, A satellite provider can use that to black out games.

There are those who say that HD broadcasts are never blacked out. I wonder about that but here in Mtl there are no blackouts so I really dont know.

If you mean charged to the same address, no you only get one bill. Bell expressvue allowes 2 receivers without out any extra charge after that its something like 3-4 bucks extra per receiver.

I actually have 3 but I don't pay extra because I am grandfathered in.

I have 5...same thing.

Can you register one of your reciever in another province (i.e. the cottage without paying extra)? Or are they always linked to the same location code.

I believe you can still register a receiver at your cottage. That was the main reason I switched to Bell in the first place. Bell used that to say that Satellite is better than cable.

Trying to tell bell that you live in SSK and your cottage is in Alberta might be a different thing.

In thoery you could register a reciever in SSK and have a relative in Alberta register a second reciever and then trade, but that would be illegal

TSN needs 24 hours to lift the blackout. If the blackout is lifted with less than 24 hours notice then it is broadcast on the TSN ALT channel. Most of the major cable companies offer both channels so there should be no problem getting the game.

As for switching the Bell receivers with someone else in another area, this will work until one of you has a problem and Bell wants to verify your receivers. The receivers they can't verify they shut off.

Thats true