black out game!!!!!

Wasn't that long ago, when all CFL home games were blacked out. It didn't accomplish what it was intended to do, in fact, with less exposure, popularity dropped.

It's not like the BOG is guessing at all of this, they know what works and what doesn't. They should, considering they have had 40+ years of practice at it.

That's correct. It is purely punitive and requested by team management. So Bauer who many would consider responsible for the fiasco uses the blackout to stick it back to the fans...

Also the TV rights have never been this good, still not what we want but better than before. also why should Winnipeg fans (not everyone can go watch it live) pay for the mismanagement of the team ?

It was one of the most blatant attempts by a team that I have ever seen. Bauer was spouting off days in advance that you won't be able to see the game on TV.

I used to think Bauer was a fairly smart cookie when it came to nickles and dimes, but the exposure that was lost, when the team needed it most, convinced me that time has passed him by.

Sounded basicaly like blackmail to me. Looked pretty bad.

I don't think he's anything special. People credit him with fixing the financial woes of the team but that's BS. The league placing a GC in Winnipeg and giving the Bombers 800k in cold cash for moving division did the fixing. Not Lyle Bauer.

Bauer played the poverty card his whole career.

But the last 4 years, the coffers have been full, and still the same results, no winner.

I don't get it. Where is that money going to go when Asper takes over ? The man says his only regret is that he has not brought a GC to the fans and in he's penny pinching so that Asper has a full bank account ? Does not jive...

We'd all like to know the answers to those questions.

From what I have heard Asper say, he is paying $10M for the team.

How many times do I have to say this!?! The Riders President and CEO is quoted in an article at as saying it is the league that decides what games will be blacked out and that the league is only allowed to blackout a limited number of games. I highly doubt that would have an article posted there that had incorrect information in it regarding the blackout policy. As for Lyle Bauer, he was not blackmailing fans. He was reminding them that if a certain number of tickets weren't sold that the league's blackout policy would come into effect. It was the FIRST Bomber home game this season that has been blacked out.

Blue your mixing a couple things up here. What Hopson is saying is that before teams decided if they blacked out their games. So theoreticaly you could have ended up the season with 72 blackouts, this was a major irritant with TSN because they didn't know up front what they were buying. So now the contract allows for a limited number of blackout 10 or so that are POOLED among all teams and administered by the league office. So Hopson was bitching that he can't blackout anymore, he can request to the league and the league has a final say, while they will work with the individual teams they will not allow a market to dissapear off the air for the season...

I'm not mixing anything. The bolded portions of your post are what I've been saying all along. Only a certain number of blackouts league-wide and it's the league's decision. Whether a game can be blacked out is based on ticket sales as far as I know. The Bombers couldn't blackout the Bombers-Argos game locally even though attendance wasn't great because it was the Hall of Fame game. Regarding the Esks game, Lyle Bauer reminded fans that if ticket sales were down then the league blackout policy would be in effect. Yes, they could have requested it be lifted but they didn't although it seems it was at some point in the game (I turned on TSN in the 4th quarter and the game was on but I don't know for how long).

Here is a quote from Glen Suitor:
"It is time to once again set the record straight. Blackouts are the decision of the club, not of TSN and not of the Canadian Football League. The club makes the decision to blackout a game."

This is from the TSN website and I doubt they would print it if it wasn't true.

Oh man...Because Suitor says so. I bet you he has never laid eyes on the broadcasting contract TSN has with the CFL and he's never been in the boardroom of the CFL.

Yes it is the team's decision but I am certain the league has some sort of veto. As mentioned by Boss Hoggson.

Speaking of Suitor, the last game he did (happened to be Bombers) he was just AWFUL! The guy was talking while the game was going on, still talking about the previous play a couple times while we missed live action. He gets into his warped theories on level 1-3 in the running game? I think his chart should be looked at by our top Dr`s.

ya ya mine to why they are at it.

If you live out in the country the game won't be blacked out for you. It's only blacked out in the city and within an approx. 50 km radius of the city. If you're outside that you get the game. If you're not outside that quit complaining and go to the game.

I'm not sure what the km radius really is, but it's not 50. Portage La Prarie is 70 km to the west of the city and it is often blacked out. HD, head to a sports bar, or drive to the city to see the game - that's your only choice.

First off, I'm sure the loudest complainers about the blackouts are the ones that were pushing to "boycot" going to the games in the first place. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, AND THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!

But there are thousands of people that don't deserve the blackouts. They love the game & the team but they simply cannot attend.

1: Many people cannot afford to attend games, for whatever reason!
2: For health reasons many cannot attend a game.
3: Timelines: Anyone with schedules that overlap with the game can't go, but they may still want to see as much as possible. I personally know dozens of people that fall under this umbrella - and often it is me!
4: Transportation may not be convenient for many of those that want to watch the game. City transit does it's best, but it's still not very convenient.
5: It also gets pretty chilly in the stands at this time of year, even if the temp sits in the plus territory. Not everyone can tolerate that, and the older you get, the more difficult it gets!

Blackouts must be removed for the right reasons - but I would love it if they could still find a way to blackout the TV's of all boycotters :smiley:

Just because Suiter believes it doesn't make it true. And they have posted lots of stuff that isn't true at the TSN website. An example would be Suiter's comments about the Saskatchewan-Calgary blackout. If Suiter had paid any attention he would have known that the Stamps wanted to lift that blackout but there was a miscommunication between the team and the league which meant the game was blacked-out so it was hardly a case of the Stamps shooting themselves in the foot.

As for blackouts, there is a league policy which has been agreed to by all teams which states a blackout is only lifted if 90% of tickets are sold*. The league's contract with TSN (which Suiter admits he doesn't know that contents of the contract) allows for only a certain number of games to be blacked-out and those numbers are pooled*, not 2 per team as some have suggested. A team can request that the blackout be lifted if the ticket threshold is not reached.
*Sources are Stamps apology at the link I posted and article quoting the Riders President/CEO which I posted earlier in this thread.