black out game!!!!!

I can’t believe they actually did this!! Does anyone know that there is not only Winnipeg looking forward to watching games??? People, there are lots of rural communities that also watch because it is too far to drive there and back. That is why we pay really expensive cable bills. It is wonderful in 2009 to go back to the 1940’s and listen to the game on the radio!!! (not). Let’s just piss off more fans…I’ll never drive in NOW to watch a game, used to and make a “at the city weekend” - not any more.

Well at least CJOB had good ratings, how about u TSN and whatever idiot agreed (no doubt Kelly) (no blackouts) lmao RIGHT!!!

Good way to bring out the fans!!! Our teams management needs a do-over.
Good game Gentlemen from what I “heard”. Take the coach out and give it a tune up please.

Whether a game is blacked out is decided by the league, not the team, and it's based on ticket sales. As far as I know the game was not blacked out in the entire province so perhaps you live too close to Winnipeg. The game was available on TSN-HD and a replay can been seen on TSN2 and at

Why not? Pretty much every home game that isn’t a sellout is blacked out, and as said above, its determined by the league.

From what I've read the current contract with TSN only allows for a certain number of games to be blacked out per season. The number of blackouts allowed isn't "x" number per team but "x" number for the whole league. I don't recall seeing any articles that said what the ticket threshold was to lift the blackout and, from what I understand, there are some games that cannot be blacked-out (ie the Hall of Fame game, playoff games) no matter how many tickets are sold.

Wow!I cant believe someones got a complaint about it being blacked out.isnt this the first time in the Peg all season a game has been not on TV.It's a catch 22 situation,If ppl get used to seeing it on TV why would they go to a game in the first place if it's cheaper to stay at home.I wanted to go to this game,but I was lucky enough to have a birthday bash at a bar,so I got to see some the game anyway,by the time I got home I was thinking it would have been cheaper for me to go to the game :lol:

Under the current agreement with TSN each team is allowed to blackout 2 games. The teams decide which game to blackout not the league. The teams are also not required to blackout games but are allowed to blackout 2 if they wish.

That was the old agreement. From a 2006 article in the Regina Leader-Post that is at

The new deal also contains a new blackout policy.

"It's a different set of circumstances, which calls for a total number of league games to (have the blackouts) lifted,'' said Hopson. "It's not for the teams to decide, it's up to the league. And it won't be unlimited. Certainly the Roughriders can't black out all their home games.

That is the policy that is in the deal that expires in 2013.

From Terry Jones who writes for the Edmonton Sun Sept 9, 2009:

"Two televised games in each city are allowed to be blacked out each year and the Eskimos, some fans will be infuriated to find out, have saved the big two September games to black out this year."

[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]

He was refering to the Blackouts of the Stamps and Riders games. Based on this comment I was led to believe that each team could blackout 2 games and the teams were in control of the blackouts. I apologize if I am incorrect.

It's the teams who make the decision, even if on paper the league is the one who notifies TSN that the game is blacked out. If a Winnipeg home game is blacked out, it's because the Bombers want it blacked out.

The article from the Leader-Post quoted a Rider executive as saying what the contract indicates and is at while Terry Jones didn't actually quote an Esks executive as to what the contract says. I would think Hopson would have a better idea of what the contract says than Jones and I don't think the CFL would have an article with incorrect information at their website. Perhaps TSN and the league could release the contract terms so we know for certain.

Hopson really doesn't say anything. Very generalized comments. He says a number of league games have to have the blackout lifted but doesn't say how many. There is really nothing factual in his comments.

He says quite clearly that "it's not for the teams to decide".

It is for the TEAMS to decide, this year, the CATS brass decided not to black out ANY games!

A team not wanting to blackout games is different than a team wanting to do it. If the Ticats brass said to the CFL they don't want their home games blacked out then I'm sure the league would accept that request especially since it would give them more leeway regarding the number of games they are allowed to blackout under the contract.

Teams are allowed to blackout 2 games a year, they don't HAVE to but have the option.. it is NOT the league who decides.. it is the team!!!

Are you saying the CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders doesn’t know what the contract with TSN says? Do you have any links to any direct quotes from league or team officials that contradict what Hopson said or just the Terry Jones article which does NOT quote an Eskimo official regarding the policy. The only way to know for certain is if TSN or the league release the details. Since the Hopson quote is in an article that is posted at, I think it has more credibility than Jones’ article.

I’m not saying the teams have no input on the decision but in the end it is a league decision.

According to the constitution of Canada, the Governor General decides when we have an election (among other things). Who actually decides when we're going to have an election?

If you went with what the documents say, you'd be wrong. In reality it's the Prime Minister who makes that decision, and the GG does what she's told.

This is the same thing. The league notifies TSN when a game is blacked out, so they're the ones with the contractual authority. In reality, no game is blacked out if the home team doesn't want it blacked out.

The PM usually makes that decision but doesn't always. The opposition can go to the GC and request a change of government or the dissolution of parliament. In 1926 the PM asked the GC to dissolve parliament for an election. The GC refused and asked the opposition leader to form a government. That government fell quickly and an election was called.

If a home team doesn't want their games blacked out then of course the league is going to agree. It is the teams that do want to blackout games that is being discussed.

I’m not a big fan of the NFL on many fronts but I do like their blackout policy. Stadium not sold out = game blacked out locally. Stadium sold out = game not blacked out locally.

I would like to see a similar policy enacted in the CFL where the numbers are say 80% or 90% sold tickets. It accomplishes a couple of things:

  1. Removes the arbitrary decision making of what game is blacked out.
  2. Provides more incentive to fans who really want to see the game to actually go to the game. In a gate-driven league, that is incredibly important.

That does not make sense. 70 percent in Vancouver or Edmonton is a lot more paying fans than 100 percent in Montreal and the CFL does not have the luxury of 14 games per week. I'm sure CFL players would like to be paid like NFL players too... Two completely different set of circumstances.