Black Monday

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Well, as per the above article, it's Black Monday as 7 NFL coaches and 5 GMs get sacked.

It makes you wonder how long Trestman and Popp will be around. Wouldn't anyone, north or south of the border, want a GM and coach with the W-L records these two have amassed in Montreal? I know people will use the "but they have a contract" argument. I'm neither an agent nor a contract lawyer, but I'd be willing to bet that there are "escape clauses" in all CFL contracts where American coaches and players are concerned.

So, things could get very interesting in the coming weeks and months.

Jim has ties to both tbe Browns and the Jets. If it bappens this year wiuld be a liky year. The older Jim gegs theeast likely it will become IMO.

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It's early days, but judging from that report, I think we're safe. The writer opines that the Jets should hire Popp, but doesn't cite any source that indicates they have interest.

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Je ne crois pas que Popp va laisser son ami M. Wetenhall dans le purin. Lorsqu'il partira, quelqu'un sera prêt à prendre la relève.

I think we are safe, certainly in keeping Trestman.

With the success of Griffin in Washington and Wilson in Seattle the NFL flavor of the month offense has become the zone read. Kelly at Oregon and Marrone at Syracuse are the poster boys. And there are some highly regarded NFL offensive co-ordinators that will be interviwed.

I was concerned about Popp and the Panthers GM opening, but they appear to be leaning towards a couple of Giants personnel people. Popp would probably have to take a step back as an NFL Director of College Scouting or Director of Pro Personnel to eventually be given consideration as a GM.

[quote@Rapsheet ]As I just said on @nflnetwork's #GameDayMorning: #Bears will interview Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman. #wildcard #Canada

Here is the link:

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…actually one of many links.

Interesting to see how poorly the CFL is viewed down south.

I am not too worried about this interview. Bears fired a good coach with a winning record coaching and"average" team. Trestman isn't stupid.

While there could be reasons not to worry too much, it's still frustrating that a Head Coach under contract for the next 4 years could be interviewed by an NFL team.

Marc Trestman should show more respect for Mr. Wetenhall who is paying him excellent money along with excellent working conditions. His records of the last 2 years does not reflect what he is paid or,in other words, he is overpaid.

Marc Trestman should worry about his future coaching staff.

If he ever leaves the Als while under contract, I will have no respect in him and would wish him to have a lousy career/end of career wherever he goes.


I think you worry too much Richard. One day Marc Trestman may need to work elsewhere and if he snubbed interviews he likely could never work again in the big league. i personally don't think Marc will become an NFL HC for a few reasons.

1-He's been away from the NFL for a decade
2-He has no staff to bring with him.

I think NFL GM's are more interested in feeling him out as a coordinator.