Black kickers in the NFL( Talks about Medlock)

Just finishing Reading This Story on the Lack of Black Kickers in the NFL
They talk about medlock in it Below
In the NFL's 91 seasons, very few African-Americans, or black men of any nationality, have earned a living launching the ball with their foot. In the 1960s and '70s, Gene "Golden Toe" Mingo made a career of placekicking (while playing a few other positions) for five AFL and NFL teams. In the past decade, Cedric Oglesby and Justin Medlock had brief placekicking stints. And two Nigerian-born soccer-style kickers, Obed Ariri and Donald Igwebuike, also made the NFL after starring at Clemson.

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I remember Dave Mann of the Chicago Cardinals and later the Argos. More recently Reggie Roby of the Dolfins was probably the best hang-time kicker of recent times.
Mann and Zuger were the best in the CFL in the 1960s. Mann's punts were high and deep, like Cam Fraser. Mann was also an accomplished receiver but Barney Fife could probably tell us more about that.

Pat Lynch (the old guy back for another season) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

"Donald Igwebuike, also made the NFL after starring at Clemson." Not to mention he also made it to the CFL as kicker for Baltimore.

This what I love about the CFL
If you got talent you have real shot to play
it not like the NFL where Image is everything

Well, ability and a Canadian passport. :wink:

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