Black is the New Orange: Lions reveal new jerseys

VANCOUVER — With a new season on the horizon, the BC Lions have revealed a fresh new look.

The Lions unveiled a brand new all-black uniform on Thursday, as fans and players alike get excited for the season ahead.

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omg yes i love the new black jerseys. much nicer than the orange. please bring back the gun metal alts too.

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Really nice look. Gun metal was nice but numbers harder to read. My wife likes the Bomber uniforms best. Go figure. :smiley:


yea i remember the play by play guys having a hard time with the numbers on the gun metal. glad they changed the look. the orange was getting old. not sure about that fog grey, just looks off white to me. i thought they were white at first. i just love that Doman is putting so much effort into the team in general, from new ticket packages to new unis. now bring back the black helmet with orange paw print please.

Your wife sounds like a very smart lady with impeccable taste.

Not impressed. Don't know why everyone gets all giddy when a team brings out an all black uniform. :roll_eyes: Orange is supposed to be the team's main colour. They looked better when they had the orange jerseys with white helmets and pants, with black trim on the numbers and stripes.
The "fog grey" uniforms aren't even original, the Ottawa Rough Riders tried grey road jerseys back in the early '90s, but they just looked like they were unwashed/dirty.

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No! No! No!

Black jerseys with dark pants just makes BC look like the other generic all-dark sides in the league - Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal and Toronto (when they wear dark pants). Now more than half of the league's teams have an all-dark combo as their home uniform.

The orange was distinctive, it said 'BC'. Now it's just generic boring.

And the grey road uniforms just look like someone's left a pair of black socks in the washing machine when doing the laundry

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The new jerseys are a huge improvement, especially the grey over the old creamsicle whites. Loving the black, too.

I'm guessing at some point they'll mix n match, and I think the black jersey/grey pants will look great togeteher. Ditto for the grey top/black pants.

It really doesn't matter what team or sport, unless you're the Philadelphia Flyers, orange uniforms are just ugly.

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yea i was never a fan of the orange, which is why i never bought a jersey. now i have to save up for one because i like the black. with any luck at all, Rourke will come back so i can get his in black lol.

I'm mixed on it. On one hand they're very sharp looking at do have a tradition wearing black.

On the other hand, the Orange was a unique look as we now have 3 teams with black as the main colour at home.

I guess they couldn't use Orange as the road colour. That would look cool IMO.


The reason so many teams wear black (across all sports and leagues) is because it works.

No national team would ever be called "The All-Oranges", for example. (Though a citrus dance to start each game would be entertaining!)

I find nothing wrong with black-combo uniforms, as long as both teams don't wear them at the same time. I even liked the Riders blackout jerseys.

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the riders blackouts were sweet. i tend to like dark jerseys myself.

Baltimore Ravens have my fav jerseys and helmet combo i think.

Of course, now I can't get the possibilities for the Citrus Dance out of my head.


Ahh but here you are in error. Being Dutch I knew that the Dutch national soccer team wears orange or oranje.

Having said that I'm not a big fan of orange and agree that many wear black because it works. Black is my favourite colour or lack of colour to be precise.

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I knew they wore orange, but are they called the "All Oranges"?

Oh please say yes! That would make my day!!! :laughing:

I think black can work as a 3rd colour for most teams but it's situational.

I don't think the Riders for example work being black full time. Buffalo Sabres went to black in the 90s (with the terrible buffalo team look) but went back to their blues later on. BC sort of works

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Yeah its totally subjective. Some will like it, some will not.

That's true, Jon. She married me after all. :sunglasses:


So is that where your online name came from then ? :jeans: :fire: :grinning:


That's right - Pants on Fire. Take that any way you want. :rofl: