so i just watched the boat celebration reaction video . during the video a player tells the fans that they will be in all black on sunday and that the fans should also wear all black ! therefore, lets create a huge black hole that the lions will disappear in ! c'mon fans..we have been asking for a contending team for years, we wanted winning football back in the hammer and we got it! now the players want the fans to come out, be loud and wear all black. we got what we wanted, lets give them what they want! a rowdy, boisterous, all black cladded SELL OUT!!!!

That was Chris Thompson. I was going to start the thread, but was waiting for someone else to do

Black it is.

ahhh, thanks BG...i am horrible with names! i just got another idea:::: they can come out to AC/DC back in black!!!

just started a thread on this and then noticed yours.

have the ticats announced this or is this just something Chris Thompson wants us to do?
In the video he says the team is going to be in all black and he wants the fans to do the same. In theory its a good idea, but it only looks good if everyone does it.

no ticat announcement but i think we should do it! bummers did blue, riders green, stamps red etc… but the most intimidating will be 29,000 + all in black!

Cats are hosting a "Black-Out"

Absoultely everybody should wear black. Even if it's not Ticat apparrell, wear it.Most importantly though, bring the noise! GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

The team should hand out black garbage bags at the gate for those who aren't wearing black. :lol:

LOL :thup:

I may not be at the game but will be there in spirit and I'll be wearing my old black Tiger- Cats jersey while watching the game on TV.Go Tiger- Cats!

I always wear my black jersey!
If its cold, I'll try and pull 'er overtop of a black hoodie.

All black...some gold!!

Makes me think of one of the pre-game clips shown on the scoreboard before every game…

Great idea. Now you can get some tunes into the stadium with a black theme. Lots to choose from, Back in black (AC/DC), Paint it black (Stones), Black is Black (los bravos), Black magic woman (Santana), Black dog (Led Zeppelin) Black Betty (Ram Jam), Black Velvet (Alanna Myles).

Or you can do stuff by the Black Eyed Peas, Black Crowes, Jully Black, Black out all-stars, heck, even Black Sabbath

However, with the full house as I expect, how about the crowd participation song like Sweet Caroline by the Dave Matthews band, which is often used at Red Sox games as well as college football games, always gets the crowd into it.

Might want to go old school, like the old Chambers Brothers they used to play at Ivor Wynne, or "shout" as played by the Bills

Regardless, gotta love the James Brown "I feel good" they play when the Cats score, that's a keeper.

AC/DC Back in Black, great pump up song for the team and the fans!!!!
Doc 8)

Nothing as intimidating as my New Zealand ALL Blacks. Oski Wee Wee was influenced/inspired by the Haka. Now theres only a few degrees of separation for ya.

Go Cats !!! :thup:

Black it is then, will be wearing my retro jersey!

BUMP, I really think we should push this more and honestly try to black the stadium out.

In years past the organization tried the white out and a black out but due to the teams performance on the field it didnt work.

This is a player asking for it and with the fact that we are hosting the playoff game I think it would be amazing to see the stands blacked out.

CHCH should talk about it on the NEWS. probably about 50% of the people going to the game dont check the website regularly. The Hamilton Spectator should also have a full page add (obviously purchased by the Cats).

The more was to get it out the better.

Just being realistic.

Oskee Wee Wee