Black Head Coaches in the CFL

I think if someone wanted to argue racism in the CFL when it came to players, they’d have a tough time, at least on the basis of the past 50 years or so. But this being a thread about head coaches, I’ll focus on that.

Someone would have a much easier time making the same claim about coaches, given the small number of black head coaches compared to the relatively large number of black players.

I don’t think it’s as easy as just shouting “racism” because I don’t think these issues are always so straightforward. For example, it may not be the case that black coordinators are being passed over for interviews or promotions that they’ve earned. But rather, it could be that black ex-players were not getting that all-important first coaching role after they retired from playing. Or perhaps they did not have a coach “take them under their wing” and spend extra time with them.

I am not really taking a position on this because I don’t know if any of it is true, and haven’t heard enough stories either way. I just don’t think the argument can be dismissed outright, given the numbers we’ve seen at the top of the coaching ranks, and the relative recency of the first black HC in our league. And I find it odd that some people cannot even stand to hear the observation being made on a CFL chat board.

So, having written that high-and-mighty post, I’m a bit embarrassed to have to ask this next question.

Does Joe Paopao belong on this list? I know his nickname was the “Throwin’ Samoan.” I need help understanding whether that takes him out of this category.

by that logic then, we should single-out and promote a “head-count” of white players as well.

Not a single female player. Sexist! Patriarchy!


how many married ones?


How many LGBTQ2 head coaches in the CFL?

(Just stirring the pot. ;))


It stands for “two-spirit,” a term for Indiginous people who identify with both sexes (having both a masculine and a feminine spirit).

“Indian” Jack Jacobs hung around the league for a few years as an itinerant assistant once his legs went out in 1955. I believe Hamilton was his final coaching gig in 1958 or thereabouts - although he did make one final appearance as a bomber starter circa 1966, albeit a ceremonial one!

btw - the term “Indian” was ascribed to Jacobs by both media and many fans in Winnipeg . . . . he was not termed “Indian” in the far more racist NFL of the late 40s & 50s.

Heck, even “Wahoo” McDaniel wasn’t tagged “Indian”!!!

The Als can only have one head coach at a time. 8)

I was not aware that the annual (off-season) “Dumbest post on the CFL.CA Forum” contest had officially started!

Johnny … Bobo … Looks like you got some competition this year! :wink:

Congrats Corey Chamblin

…and Claybrooks to BC

So my reply to this is…yup…we have 'em. It’s 2018…so…yeah.

does Paopao count?

I think Asian Head Coaches are underrepresented.

Please elaborate. (I assume you are not just making light of this topic.)

How many can you name?