Black Head Coaches in the CFL

With the reported hiring of Devone Claybrooks in BC it made me think of how few black HC there have been in the CFL. I count 7 in the history of the CFL. Maybe I’ve missed some. Not a lot amongst the many HC that have been in the league. Not drawing any conclusions or assumptions just a surprising observation.

BC: 1 -Claybrooks

Edm: 2: Richie Hall and Kavis Reed

Calgary: 0

Sask: 2: Danny Barrett and Chamblin

Winnipeg: 0

Toronto: 1: Willie Wood

Ottawa: 0

Hamilton: 0

Montreal: 1: Kavis Reed

Were there others?

Pinball Clemons in TO ?

Ah, of course.

while you are at it.

how many oriental HCs has there been?

how many First Nations?

how many south Asians?

how many Hispanic?

why does it matter as long as nobody is being refused because of where they or their family came from?

No offense to OP but this topic, being a topic, bothers me.

What you’ve identified is institutional discrimation - - - - especially in cities like Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg & Ottawa - 4 CFL cities with nearly 300 years of history between them - but never a black head coach!

Would have been more than half the league if Hervey (a black GM) hadn’t hired Claybrooks (a black head coach, but also the best available candidate in the league)

Hamilton has Orlondo Steinauer now.

Not an unfair comment, and I philosophically agree, but none of the other minorities make up a majority of the players in the sport.

absolutely yeah…

And with the abundance of black assistants and coordinators on the rise and GMs too I’m sure we will see more black HCs hired.


No conclusions or asumptions or opinions? Enlighten us, Motivation? Purpose?

Do you have a list of qualified candidates that owners and general mgrs and fans are overlooking?

Let’s get their name out there!

The only practical purpose I can see to keeping a Person of Colour headcount is to use it as ammo against those rare and misguided individuals who foolishly try to claim the CFL is racist.

Ottawa and Ottawa, eh?

I’m not sure the evidence supports the side of the argument you think it does.

Which evidence are you referring to?

More than 100 black QB’s have played in the CFL, more than double the number who’ve played in the NFL.

The CFL had the first black player, the first black QB, the first black head coach, the first black G.M, and the first black commissioner.

Black players have made an impact in the CFL for over 70 years and currently make-up over half the players in the league. That’s why it’s not racist to single-out and promote a “head-count” of black players and not Asian, Indian, Sikh or Hispanic players who had little to no impact in the CFL.

Nine or ten head coaches in the history of the league.

Perhaps you misunderstood my post.

I don’t understand why you’re trying to convince me. We already completely agree.

Apparently I need to explain this post.

I am not saying the CFL is racist. I don’t need to be convinced that it isn’t. However, there are a few ignorant people in this world who are less aware of the history of the league, and believe, wrongly, that the CFL is somehow racist. They are few and far between, but they do exist.

I remember a blog post from a young woman many years ago (long since deleted I’m sure) where she tried to make the argument that the CFL was racist. She was promptly educated. There is also a silly YouTube video (I won’t dignify it with a link — you can look it up yourself) of Toronto students blathering on about how the Redblacks name is either racist, or represents cultural appropriation, while not a single one of them actually knew anything about the history of those colours in the Ottawa Valley.

So, what was my point? I shouldn’t have to explain it again, but here goes: There is not much use for a list of PoC who have worked or played in the CFL, because the history of the league already speaks for itself. Anybody with more than a basic knowledge of the CFL already knows this. A list’s only real use is to show those who think the CFL is racist that they are dead wrong. So, keep a list if you like — there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but you don’t really need it, because there’s hardly anybody out there worth convincing.

Look at the age of White HC vs Black HC and it is obvious that times have changed and there is no systemic racist issue in the CFL or in Canada for that matter.