Black & Gold Scrimmage

I can remember going back 12 years or so and they used to split the team up for the Black and Gold game.
The first things the receivers did was find out what team Bobby Dawson was on.
He was a beast and a big hitter.
Nobody wanted to be laid out by him in a scrimage.
In my opinion the game has completely lost its luster.
All they do now is basically have a practice and a meet and greet, same as last year.
Previous to that the guys would go all out in the Black and Gold game.
I am not that big in to the meet and greet, so I will wait until the first preseason game to get my football fix.
That is fine, I see the logic in not knocking peoples heads off in a scrimage. It was a nice measuring stick to see new guys, and it was great seeing real hitting up close...real close.
Oh well, as they say it is what it is.

I miss those days Blackand gold my Self
Black and gold has not been same since.

Agreed. I saw that and commented to Ryan about it after the scrimmage. He chuckled and told me that's why they have him back there. So he can hit. I have to say I've been very impressed by his play, but I've been especially impressed by the leadership role he's taking at camp. He was working quite a bit with some of the younger guys.

On a side note, I'd just like to thank all the players who were so kind to my kids and my niece. It was a very big deal for them and guys like Moreno, Williams, Lumsden and Glasper and countless others (I could probably list the whole team including the new guys like Ponder and Robinson) really made it special for them.

I think you summed up what the NEW-STYLE black and gold game is for.
Getting up close to the players, having young kids get to know that football players are real people just like everyone else....except a little faster, stronger, and bigger.
Putting a face to the jersey we see from the stands and on TV.

Exactly. It was that type of "meet and greet" at Gore park that got me interested in Ticat football many moons ago. The kids loved it because it was much shorter than a game and they still got to meet the players.

I do miss the B&G of old though. Bobby Dawson was one of my all-time favourite Ticat players. He hit like a Mack truck and was also one of the nicest, most personable players back then.