Black & Gold Scrimmage

Although I understand the concept of no tackling during an inter-squad game I'm concerned that we have not practiced enough one-on-one open field tackling during training camp.

I hope this doesn't come back to bite us in the ass :?

The advantage of that is that you have potentialy less injuries. The disadvantage is that execution may be less and that the lack of contact may cause errors in evaluation.

The problem is "choice" :slight_smile:

QB,s usually wear red shirts, this was not a normal practice and I'm sure they are working on tackling.-One player who impressed was #12 Porter. HE may have benefited from Danny macs coaching with a great release and a strong accurate throw, Chang is toast imo, and JO Jo,s got some competition in the kick return unit.

Jackson and Cohen looked good, as did Glasper at safey, he could have lined one receiver up over the middle if there was contact

#0 Dickerson showed just as good on d side as on O :thup:

Not sure why you would say Chang is toast? Maybe you were seeing something I wasn't.

re-Not sure why you would say Chang is toast? Maybe you were seeing something I wasn't. ------------- Porter, showed he was better. His passes were on time and more accurate. Changs passes were late and not as accurate. Changs indecision created a sack for the D. IMHO.

Does that mean he was good or bad today?

I'm with you Dude ... I like KD's versatility :thup:

unfortunatly I got called into work right as i was walking out the door to go to the game so i did'nt get to see it and still no highlights on ticats tv. I was just wondering how Jesse looked after being off so long, any rust? or does he look to be back at 100%

With Charlie miked-up did he say anything interesting or funny or was it pretty vanilla?

Jesse looked great

Last time we won a Cup they had a tackle free camp. I think it's better not to burn everyone out, they're professionals, they all know how to tackle.

The coaches assume [hope?] the players
have already learned how to tackle
prior to reaching this level, deisel27.

The risk of injury is considered too great
to permit all out tackling at Training Camp

and the time is so limited I have never even seen
the coaches demonstrate proper tackling techniques

or the players walk through tackling drills at
any practices I have watched over the years.

That's interesting, I had Chang down as looking the best on the field today. Porter looked pretty good too. I thought both of them moved the ball better than Printers and Williams. not to say any of them looked bad today, but from everything I saw Timmy was the most effective. Printers looks impressive out there but for the last three days of camp, he certainly has not dominated at the QB position. Either all our QBs are looking great or Printers has a fair bit of work to do to get to game form.

did Keith play and if so how did he look ?

My Highschool Team is do thud only cause we all know how to tackle

Well let's hope the team remembers how to tackle when they get in a game. I know I forgot how to speak French, because I didn't use it. Some people even forget how to speak English too. :wink:

I would agree with some of the others on here when they say that not tackling is the better thing to do.
These guys are pros and they know how to tackle, it's more about being in position to make the tackle.
You don't want some hot shot rookie trying to make a name for himself by taking out one of his own players.
They have had contact drills so they are getting used to hitting.
Thursday night will be the test, Sunday was only a review.

I was wondering, for people that attended last year's Black & Gold game and this year; did you notice any difference in attitude or general feel of the way the team is coming together?

I'm hoping there is a more determined confidence this season.

Save the tackling for the two pre season games.