Black & Gold Day in Guelph??

I wanted to attend the Black & Gold day in Guelph but had to work, how was it for those fans who attended?

Any players catch your eye? Look really good on the field?

Was it a good turn out for fans from Hamilton and Guelph and surrounding areas??

For starters, I thought the crowd was a little disappointing....only a couple of hundred showed up. Too many things going on in different areas of the field to get a good read on players, especially when they didn't have a scrimmage. As for the temporary stands on the East side, I feel sorry for some of the fans who will be seated in the top four rows (26-30). There are going to be some obstructed view seats because of the several light standards which run the length of the temporary stands.

I thought the crowd was pretty good, it wasn't an amazing day and it looked like it could rain at any time so I imagine that kept some people away. As for the on field parts it Austin had said it was just going to be like a normal practice so its what I expected but I agree it would of been nice if they threw in a small scrimmage at the end.

I'm a half full kind of guy so here's my take.
For one season our team and it's fans will be experiencing the equivalent and staying at our Mom's house while our Palace is being built. The good thing about this is while our Mom's place is smaller it's still pretty cool.
The stands are high enough and angled in such a way that the sight lines for the most part a clear and you still feel close to the field.
Mom has a pretty cool front porch too. There is a lot of space around the stadium to mingle, enjoy some bevy's and talk up the game during 1/4 and 1/2 time breaks :wink: . Oh and Mom's got lots of bathrooms for us too. :wink:
Most importantly Mom has a cool back porch for us to party before the dance! Yes, the P-19 lot will suffice quite well and meet our tailgating needs for a year. Now Mom's place is out of the way so you just have to give yourself extra time to get there!
Mom's boyfriend is a nice guy too! Practice wise, it was a practice, as advertised. It was well organized, the players kept moving and all the players were very up beat on how coach Austin is running things.
Hey, we got a place to play, it's what we have, it's only for 8 games so let's make the most of it.
P.S.: Mike Singletary was there watching his son play.

I heard about 500 fans showed and was a great atmosphere!

Ok I had a great time and darn I did not see Mike Singletary ..doh !!
I liked that the cheerleaders threw a lot of shirts and balls into the crowd for the kids and they had trivia as well .

The stadium is decent .

The players :

I noticed #87 Volcy is very fast so they may have plans to utilize his speed .
Delahunt is getting a lot of Tight End type reps
I felt Masoli did not look as good today as the last practice I saw
#39 Lamar seemed to have trouble running between the tackles but he is very fast and getting a lot reps
I noticed Harden not getting too many reps ,,was hoping to see more
Justin and Ellingson still getting most reps over Leong and all looking good
Parks and Ray Brown getting a lot of reps at half
CJ Gable looked good again
Lefefour looked good...his arm is good
wanted to see more from Singletary, Obiora and Marshall on the dline but they don't get many reps nor does LB Bussey
Ingersol was pretty physical on the OLINE today

Well I was at the fan day today in GUELPH


Most of these guys are very friendly and shy / modest.

I spoke to Marcellus Bowman and he is very young and polite. I asked him when he expects to be back and where he
expects to play . He said he expects to be back soon within a month and he expects to play middle linebacker.

Spoke to Matt Singletary about his famous father Mike Singletary . Matt grew up in Chicago as the son of Chicago Bears legend
. He was the star QB in high school.

Terrence Moore is a great guy and always laughing . Talked to him about hsi career at Nebraska andfamous nebraska players like Mike Rozier and also about playing against rivals liek Oklahoma.
Talked about his role this year. I asked him about the potential new linebackers being smaller and if he expects
to get a pass rush from DT. I think he is primed for a breakout year.

Ellingson looks like he is still in high school . i must be getting old ( 47 )

Chevon was a gentleman and his big pipes full of tattoos.

I did not talk to jamal , markieth, PD, Burris, Giguere as i spoke to them last year and wanted to meet some of the
newere guys .

Courtey Stephen is a very personable guy

CJ Gable is a humble guy though he was a huge star at USC.
Torri Davis is a big monster and humble too ..He looks to be the run stuffer on the dline.
talked to Ricardo Collblough about playing with the steelers in the NFL and differences in the two games
I also learned from a team official that usually players are ourt of shape or don't like the game or don't want to stay
when players get let go or leave camp
I was able to ask EM #2 about playing as an argo at IVOR WYNNE

one negative was the one management type of the cats was aggressively pulling the players of the field when we were still
getting pictures etc. I am thinking where else do they have to go ? nap ?

The players were in no rush