Black given the boot

CFL to Search for New Director of Officiating

Just saw this on the homepage...

If as a result the officials on the field are better, I all for it.

In virtually every game, you can point out at least a half dozen of situations where violations are flagged that aren't and other situations where flags should have been thrown and are kept in the pocket.

Perhap we need the CFL officials to work fulltime at University and maybe even College ball in the States. Obviously, once a week isn't enough for these guys because they miss way to many calls.

Any idea what CFL refs are paid?

Not suprising!

I'm not sure there is any such thing as a "fulltime" official. Even in the States they are part-timers, as no league runs all year round.

I also think your assessment that virtually every game had a half dozen bad or non-calls is a complete exaggeration. There were certainly some controversial calls last season, and maybe even too many calls in some games as officials appeared to overreact to the pressure to get the calls right, but to say that there was a problem in virtually every game is totally without foundation.

More training can never hurt and developing training will be a good roll for Black. He'll also be a great rep for the HoF.

We need to cut the refs some slack. They do their best and they're not perfect, but they're also human beings. They will get better if we encourage them and not castigate them for every single perceived mistake. Doing that will only server to make it harder to find quality thick-skinned refs who can put up with the constant criticism in a thankless job.

This wouldn't be the same game without them. Good luck to George Black and congratulations on your service to the league.

You do know that NFL officials are part time as well!?

Even the NFL replay booth gets it wtong once in awhile. Just look at the blown call last week between Clevland and Arizona. Winslow was clearly pushed out of bounds before both feet came down but after review they called it no catch and it cost the Browns the game.

This fairy tale that there is such a thing
as a full-time official anywhere in football
has driven me to distraction so many times.

Thanks for pointing that out, rpaege,

and with you living in the U.S.A.
maybe they will listen to you.

Not only is football not played all year,

there is no opportunity to officiate
5 days a week in season either

because there aren't top level games
going on 5 days a week to officiate.

Even if there was that would be
only be 15 hours of work a week.


No matter how much training
or game experience they get

they will make mistakes,
because they are human.

and it is human for us fans to perceive
that our team has been the victim of them.

Although there were problems with officiating, as a whole I think there was improvement this year and despite some growing pains, the use of replay was successful. I hope the successor to Mr. Black is as open and as accessable as he was. Regardless of the performance on the officiating, Mr. Black responded to questions and was always accessable, something that is rare. His open policy to public input should be commended.

Yes, I realize the NFL officials are part time. What I'm proposing is that perhaps the officials could get more work then simply CFL work. I'm not extremely knowledgable about how well trained the CFL officials are but it is abundantly clear by their work that whatever they are doing is not enough. Perhaps a working arrangements with University or even US Colleges whereby these officials could get more work. Or how about having CFL officials work with NFL officials on their positioning, etc. Granted the rules are different but the positioning should be very similar.

BTW, I happen to be an official so I know the pressure they are under.

I agree with you but I would like to know what it is these people think is full time?

An official what?

Why does the officiating
seem better in the U.S?

Follow the money, folks.

[i]I believe the difference over there is

Many professional football officials
have well-paying, responsible jobs.

By the time U.S. officials reach the NFL
their pay is much bigger than in Canada

so it is a much bigger incentive
to continue officiating in the NFL

than for their counterparts in Canada

even with the heavy demand of their day jobs.

When we lose a good one to retirement
there are few replacements in the wings.

Over there the population is 10 times bigger.

The pool of trained officials to draw from
may be many times that in the U.S.A.

They need to fire some refs, and put some out to pasture, bring in CIS refs to just call a balanced game without ego mania taking over.and a league official in the press box to correct bad and non calls, :cowboy:

Force-outs are not reviewable calls, so that play couldn't be reversed based on that. The only thing they could check for on the replay was whether he was in bounds or out, and he was clearly out.

Yeah threaten them all with firing. That’ll work. After all, they’re really only in it for the money, and not because they’ve spent years and years, for little or no pay, working their way up to the pro level. They’re just a bunch of slackers. Bring in the CIS guys. Those ten games a year they get to work (when they can get time off from their real job) should make them more than ready for prime time.

We can put some of the people is this forum in charge of who should go.

I didn't see that game (not into NFL until the playoffs) so I don't know all the details of that play, but if that's true then shouldn't every defensive team who is ruled to have pushed a receiver out of bounds just go ahead and throw the challenge? The fact is he's out of bounds, and if they can't consider whether he was pushed out or not during the review, the completion would have to be overturned, even though the rules say it's a catch.

No, the force-out call over-rules the fact that the receiver landed out of bounds. And once it's called a force-out you CAN'T challenge the out-of-bounds call.

I think the only aspect you could challenge in this case would be if the receiver was bobbling the ball. If the receiver didn't have control when he landed out of bounds (or didn't "survive the contact" as he landed) I believe it can be overturned.
Because whether the receiver was forced out or not, he still need to have control of the ball in bounds.

Has anyone considered... while comparing the quality of officiating between American and Canadian football the difficulty associated in officiating the respective games?

I mean, the NFL has the same number of refs on a field with 65% of the surface area?

I mean the calls in the NFL seem to be so on the ball but like when comparing the quality of play, you have to consider the context of the respective playing field & rules.

CFL refs are going to be further away from the play more often.

who should go??? How about Ireland and the Guy who called Edmonton's last game of 2007, sorry i never tried to learn his name ,- Yes CIS refs, who call a strait game. and dont look for the limelite, !