Black Friday Season ticket sales

I see the Ti-Cats are aggrssively marketing already for 2017 season tickets with some fantastic Black (Gold) Friday offers with seats as low as $19 per game.

Undoubtedly they will soon follow this up with other single game gift idea deals like they did for Christmas last year where you could buy a voucher for 2 bronze tickets to a game and got a Ti-Cats touque for just $59.

Hopefully the Argos are doing similar stuff to get a better jump on next season at BMO.

That’s a good place for next year and specifically according to the stadium chart above, it’s only for the back half of the upper deck on the lesser popular side.

I doubt there are many season ticket holders up there to risk alienation. If there are and paid in full, either offer the promo to them or give them a free upgrade.

Argos season ticket renewal packages with details are coming after the Grey Cup.

This is the sale I bought last year. Had to move up a few rows to keep that same price but I was okay with that, I should actually see fully over a rail now. Row 15 Sec 212 for next year.

Many concourse folk buy those tickets than never head to their seats.

Some folks resent that.

Others support it.

But buying these deals in Hamilton is what allows for the large volume of season ticket holders.

My wife and I pay less for both our season tickets than my buddy's single season ticket for the Argos (similar location - nose bleeds, lol).

Argos are running no such promotion. not surprised. they're out to lunch.

No only are the Cats doing Black Friday season ticket sales - but also a sale for the next 3 days with all their merchandise in their store with 30% off and they have launched their Gift Packs too. This year an Ugly Sweater mug with 2 bronze tickets for $59. I'll pick up a few of those as Christmas gifts!