Black Friday/Christmas online purchases

I want to buy some Alouette sportwear this year – baseball cap, and probably a winter jacket, both with the Alouettes logo on it.

Problem is I live in the United States. No, I’m not scampering across the border to buy Alouette stuff in person.

Can I trust the shipping process between countries?

This is what I want:


I’m a big fan of Anthony Calvillo. I missed my chance to buy sportwear when he played for the Las Vegas Pusse. I luv the Alouettes so any help on buying international stuff online would be appreciated.

I ship stuff to the US all the time. Allow a couple of weeks longer than you’d expect in the US

So you live in the United States too?

but yeah, ordering from team specific sites should not be an issue. If it is, try river city sports.

No I live in Canada. But I’m involved with a large car club and I do their calendars. Most of the members are in the States so I ship a lot to the US.

I find it takes about 10 days for Canada Post to get something to the border, then about 3 to 4 days for USPS to get it the rest of the way