Black Eyed Peas Grey Cup / World Cup

I didnt like the material they did at the Grey Cup but their current video is great. Hum it all of the time.

Are they to perform at the World Cup?

I would imagine that since the World Cup is in Germany (sry), that native German groups would preform, like in the Olympics.

Not really. If a compilation CD were to come out, it might feature artists from around the world. Like the one they did for the Euro Cup finals in 2004: Nelly Furtado had a track on it. I mean, sure she had Portugese roots, but she's still a Canadian in my books, dangnamit!

Fred the black eyed peas are for guys that may have been stunt doubles for Broke Back Mountain.

Or for young teenage guys who get their rocks off by seeing Fergie.

no doubt........fergie needs to ease up on the lite beer before the show...........

Oh great Pigseye, now you gave me one hell of a visual: Fergie double fisting Canadian Light. :lol:

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I got into this before and got into enough trouble to wish I hadnt said anything, and got banned the first time around.

Sorry Fred!

well, if my post is going to be edited, then so should the rest on Fergie's issues be as well. only fair.

Black Eyed Peas Gave just that!!! A Black eye to half time shows everywhere!!