Black Eyed Peas at the Grey Cup half-time show !

To paraphrase fellow RedandWhite:

"Hmmmmmm..... Fergie..... argahaghahhh......"


YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the black eyed peas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe they can wear some CFL gear in they're next music video as well!

What kind of music are they playing ?

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TORONTO (CP) - The Black Eyed Peas will rock the Grey Cup this November in Vancouver, the CFL announced Wednesday.

The band, whose song Don't Phunk With My Heart hit No. 1 in Canada this summer, will perform three songs during halftime at B.C. Place on Nov. 27.

In other musical news, the league announced Jully Black will sing the national anthem at the Grey Cup. Black has been opening for The Black Eyed Peas this year.

crap...i didn't see someone already posted this....sorry

I am not really a fan of them. They actually used to be pretty good, especially their first album. Then they got that chick, and started making stupid songs like "lets get Retarded." Its still a pretty big act though, they are pretty big both here, and in the states. Whatever though, I will be getting beer, or maybe doing what you do, when one is in BC, while they are playing.

and Uglyandhasty its pop rap.

It should bring in the younger fans..........and the CFL has a new sponsor, but I want a Canadian band or artist.

I think its great. I always thought it was crap when people think it should only be a Canadian performer for GC halftimes. Get the biggest act you can I say.

Oh my... pop rap ? and #1 in Canada this summer ? Too bad i dont listen to radio :slight_smile:

Well, I won’t be watching the halftime show this year - you can bank on that.

me too , lets go for a beer................ :lol:

Oh JOY :roll:

This announcement is amazing for the CFL! Think of the national and international viewership of the GC now! This is the best news the CFL has gotten.

It does look like some people are unhappy with it. Is that because you don't like the band or some other reason?

Well, I have heard of this group but can't think of any songs off the top of my head that they do. I thought Nickelback would have been good, I think they are from BC and my wife loves these guys. But I'm sure that Black Eyed Peas are very popular among the young people so maybe this will be good for big game, I don't know.

Nope nickelback is from Hanna Alberta.
They would be great.As for the peas go!!ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Besides, after you've had The Hip preform at half time, everyone else is just filler.

It will be very good for the league. A LOT of young people like these guys, and hey whatever brings in the fans and whatever increases the ratings is ultimately gonna help the CFL

Shania and Paul McCartney have both done half time shows at the Super Bowl and the game is still as American as apple pie. I believe Celine Dion once sang "God Bless America".( please correct me if I'm wrong) The CFL is world-class, high calibre football and it should have world-class, high calibre entertainment.

Nickelback is Canadas greatest band.
Hip are done.