Black Eye For The NFL

I watched my first NFL game of the year last night between Pittsburgh and Miami.

All I can say is that game was an embarssment for ABC, an embarssment for Pittsbugh,and a black eye for the NFL.

How a league that makes billions can allow two teams to play on a field that was basically unplayable is a joke.

If this were the CFL or hockey, the media up here would be all over them. But because its the hallowed NFL, nary a word will be said.

The media up here worships that league so much they've gone blind. ITs like they're almost afraid to offend that league.

But that game was a joke last night. And anybody who thinks the NFL can sell that garbage around the world must have rocks in their head.

It was one bad game, dude... :expressionless:

Conditions were bad, can't blame the NFL here even if it looked horrible to watch. This is football, just about any weather and that's the way it goes.

Apparently the players were REALLY, REALLY pi$$ed off about it... According to

I watched that snooze-fest at a bar last night. I loved it!!!! When I first get there, I get razed again because some of the people know that I am a huge CFL fan. And, I get the usual "NFL is superior speech". Well, by the end of the night, I was enjoying letting them know what I thought of their "SUPERIOR" game!!!! Oh yeah bring on that "superior" game to Toronto!!!! :roll:

If Winnipeg had played Edmonton at Commonwealth in those conditions, the NFL media would be calling the CFL bush for allowing their players to play in that.

It was real bad , but at game time what could they do about it? They delayed the game an hour already , should they simply have postponed it to another day? As pointed out already , it was only one game , it's not like that is a regular occurrence down there.

I'm sure that the EE organization watched that game with a grin on their faces though . Maybe they'll have some fresh turf on hand for a future big game too.

After last years Super Bowl in the rain, I think we can all say that playing the GC outside in November is ok. But as said above, more will be said that the GC played on an icy field in Canada looks more "bush" than a Super Bowl played in the rain or bad conditions. Or an NFL playoff game played in bad conditions. The NFL can get away with stuff, sort of like a good looking girl who uses her good looks and can get away with lots of stuff just because she's got the glamour. Ah, life's not fair, what can you do.

See, I don't mind football being played in the elements. Last year I watched a great game between Seattle and Green Bay in the snow. It adds to the game, I think.

The problem with Monday's game is the turf was... well, it wasn't even turf. It was just a large mud puddle with patches of grass. I'm thinking the field should've been re-sodded on the previous Monday or Tuesday, or some time earlier in the week. That turf was fresh. They didn't even have the numbers on it.

Yeah I agree Chief... It was just ridiculous.

The players can be mad all they want, but they are getting paid millions, sleeping at 5 star hotels, and work about 4 months a year.

I'd like to see their reactions if they were told that the Superbowl game will be played all over the NFL, including places like Green Bay, New York, Chicago, etc.

Without the players there is no league.

And what does the location of the Superbowl have to do with anything?

Without their money there would be no league either..I would love to see reactions when the contracts get cut and the highest paid player only gets 500,000. The NFL would fold. They play for the money, not for the love.

I think the point Ryooon was trying to make is they shouldn't b!tch over field conditions. It is part of the game and if they complained about that then how would they feel if the superbowl was played in brutal conditions instead of beautiful Miami. Players would be p!ssed about that too which shows the lack of heart. Also, the fans would complain and wouldn't want to sit in a cold stadium and without fans there would be no league either. There is just no heart, well nowhere near the heart of the CFL.

The fact is , it was on Monday Night Football , the premier game of the week for the NFL . Bad weather with combined with a bad decision(in hindsight) to re-turf the field so close before a game brought this about. Being MNF they could not have postponed the game . They may have been able to do that with a Sunday game , but Monday Night they were committed . A one time event , so life goes on.

The fact is..

MNF uck now, straight up. ESPN just butchered it. lol

Debateably Agreeable.