Black Cloud over city and Ivor Wynne!

Our New Foreign companies that are Large Employers In Hamilton better get things together and respect our environment :thdn: especially if we are to hopefully get a new Pan Am Games Stadium!and Host a world Class Event.

Arcelor Mittal and US Steel be Environmentally responsible for the People of Hamilton? :? soon we will have to wear Dust masks to the games :lol:

From what I hear the more smog you have the better chance you have in hosting an international sporting event...ahem...Beijing!

It was sort of scary looking, glad it didn't venture right into the stadium. I can see it now on the news, game suspended due to black cloud from industry in Hamilton. Great tourism headliner for the city and region that one would be! :lol:

They could have at least made it black and gold!

hahahaha Yah a bit.It was a dumb cloud and be happy most of the time it wasnt rain! It was kinda spooky there. I take a win under any circumstances peeps!

so you are saying that new owners are actually contributing to the worsening environment??? How??

Nothing has changed! the workers are the same, the plant is the same, the machinery is the same, we use the same procedure to produce steel (burning coal etc), the same processes.

GET OVER IT - its a global economy
Can you imagine workers in Europe complaining about a Canadian company (Bombardier) who is buying up rail/transport companies over there.

Well, I think he is pointing out that these companies should clean their act up.

Thanks for explaining what caused the cloud...I was wondering what that was...

Looked tome like the cloud was coming from Air Liquide.

I thought it was the black smoke from "Lost"

Thank goodness.

A black cloud being pumped out of Dofasco is nothing new. Was this your first time in Hamilton?

Judging from the position of the smoke over the north stands, it kind of looks like the Argos chances going up in smoke. :twisted:

I used to work at Dofasco BF US Steel screwed up and should never Let the pressure build up to cause a bad emission so don't tell me about how this is the NORM............ :roll: Do you want the Pan Am Games and a new home for the Ticats? than these companies should be held accountable to the Environmental laws :roll: and be fined by the city$.......???