Black and Gold Scrimmage .. It time return it to a real game

I Remember when Black and Gold Game was inter Squd Game
when bob took we changed Formats. why ?
Black and gold Game has Dissipointment for past two years.
It time make it an intrasquad game gold Team vs Black Team
Two Teams with Both Offences and Defence Units. 4 Quarters 10 mins Each.
Full Contact.

That would be great Onknight_ Some promotion by the Cats Could generate some cashflow for The Caretaker_ make it part of the season ticket package!

I have to agree with you. I think the coaches/management are a little soft on players with regard to more contact during the later stages of camp/scrimmages. Reason? Afraid of injuries. Well, yes it does increase chance for injuries. But one problem I will focus on is with tackling. It's very obvious, that many players are actually lacking in form and skill with regard to proper tackling. I say work on those skills and form during camp with full contact intervals. The few tackles they might make during pre-season games are not the time to be enhancing skills and form. I am amazed at how many blown plays I see in regular season games on the D due to ineffective tackling in the CFL and NFL. So much high tackling is another thing I don't get. Utilize leverage and timing. It's something that can be taught.

That explains the overall team performance for the past two years. The game is football - someone is going to get hit and possibly hurt. Stop the sissy crap and let them play full tilt. You will never get an accurate assessment of the rookies unless they are placed in a game situation.

We are world beaters in preseason....just check the last few years

So, what's your point?

^^^^ the point is there is nothing wrong with how they train

I have read articles that back in the mid 70's, the Argos would get 50,000 in old CNE stadium for their scrimmage. I'm not saying that attendance could be recaptured, but I think the league should hold scrimmage games in each camp.

This is nothing new in football. You've probably played some football in your life. I've never been on a team that encouraged drilling your team mates in practice. We used to play "thud", which was to make solid contact above the waist and wrap up, but no one was supposed to knock someone out of their shoes. You don't go out and lay the smack down on your own players in practice. There's nothing sissy about it. If they're going to get hurt, at least let them get into a game first. Could you imagine Hitch laying a "Tyree Davis" on one of his own receivers in camp??? :lol: But hey, let's not be sissies about it.

It's easy to call these guys sissies when you're sitting in the stands, or resting in your favourite armchair drinking beer.

Does anyone know if other teams have full contact
scrimmages at their training camps these days?

If not, perhaps there is a league policy against
full contact scrimmages at training camps now.

Maybe the players association and the teams came to an agreement
to not have full scrimmages because of the risk of injuries to players.

Most players contracts are NOT guaranteed for the upcoming season.

Not being able to earn income 'back on the street' while rehabilitating
would be a real 'kick in the teeth' for most of these young guys trying out.

Regarding a team's insurance coverage:

Even if insurance does cover the costs of rehabilitating injured players
if there was a rash of serious injuries to players at Training Camp

perhaps premiums would be increased, next season and beyond.


Not too long ago [at Brock] the Ticats allowed more aggressive tackling but
it was always stressed that players were not go overboard with their tackles

and players were not allowed to tackle the quarterbacks at all.

I guess we couldn't have been any worse. eh?

There is no policy against contact in camp.

And last time we won the cup we had a no contact camp, Marshall was the last coach to have full contact

I think it would be a great idea hold it at IVW have the setting like a real game announcers etc and full contact my only concern is do we want od to play a full season or be lost for a season cuz he blew out his knee in a scrimmage come ppl think theres lots of time for full contact

we have bunch on new players and Only 2 Preseason games
To Know who Puts on that Black Helmet And who Goes home.
Full Contact For everyone but the QB.Have the QB where Red Jerseys Red Means Stop
You learn more from Full Contact IMO the what we been doing.for Past 3 Seasons …
Greg Marshall (our X Head Coach ) That 1st year we had some bite
we Beat BC and Had one hell of Passing Game with Danny … It all started with Full Contact Scrimmage…

They started out the seaon well but then tailed off at the end because having an intense full contact camp burns everyone out by the half way point. It's why Shottenheimer teams always collapsed at the end of seasons.

SOME player could benefit from full contact drill,s and also at B& G scrimmage , Some need to be kept out of full contact depending on their position on the depth chart, The Rookies, and some non cfl F.A,s need evaluating , and i think some fans on here want to have alook at what these new player can do , at the B&G Day.