Black and Gold GAME ?

Anyone have any idea when this game will be played this year ? Maybe SAT June 19 ?

It will take place Sat June 26th at Ivor Wynne

More details will follow.

Great Thanks :slight_smile:

Is that not quite a change? -- Six days AFTER the SECOND pre-season game, which follows the end of training camp. And, I'd have expected that day to be the date when the final roster has to be named. I guess that'll be Sunday the 27th this year.(?)

Traditionally, Black and Gold Day has been held on the first weekend after veterans report. However, with our two pre-season games taking place on the first two weekends of camp, we will host our annual fan day on June 26.

I wonder if it will be an actual game, as tradition dictates (hahah :wink: ) or if it will be another of those lousey "controlled scrimmages" with wich charlie taffe indeniably sullied the grit and fighting spirit that is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and the Black and Gold GAME?

Anymore updates on this would be nice?

What time does it start?

It on the 26 of June

It will mostly be a controlled Scrimmage

What time? I will have a car load of kids, so I don't want to keep having them say" Are we there yet??????? What time????????

Absolute garbage.

It was always a controlled scrimmage, never a full out game. You want injuries just days before week #1 ?
Use your head.

Still waiting for details, its only 5 days away and no tomes have been posted, or what there will be to do on that day. They having a barbecue, games, meet the players, will all players be there!
Come on Shawn, be nice to know in advance, kids are out of school by then and we need to plan things out!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats invite their fans to come out and meet the team at Black and Gold Day this Saturday, June 26 at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The Ticats will kick off the day at 12:00 p.m. with practice followed by a controlled scrimmage. During the scrimmage, head coach Marcel Bellefeuille will wear a microphone and provide commentary about the action taking place on the field.

Following the scrimmage, the team will take part in an autograph session on the field, where fans can meet their favourite Ticats players. Fans are encouraged to bring items to be autographed by the players. New Tiger-Cats merchandise will also be available at the stadium, just in time for the 2010 season.

Fans are asked to enter the stadium via the entrances on Beechwood Avenue and sit in the north stands.

Thank you Scott for the update
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