black and gold game

where is the black and gold game going to be

Saturday June 9th @ McMaster University beginning roughly at 3:30 pm. Admission is free.

if anyone on here goes could you guys tell me if i can see it on this internet site

I'm going to say it's probably not going to be on live, but you might catch some highlights.

Now that sucks,

Hey borehamgirl I hear you take really good pictures of the players.

I've retired my camera since almost everyone I took pics of in the last 2 years is no longer with the team.. :wink:

I'll probably be bringing my camera on Saturday.

i'll be there with the boy. will you take my picture?

Of course I will.

Too many pics of Jamie? :twisted:

So you're responsible for the housecleaning!

If, as the season progresses, there are a few players that don't live up their potential, will you come out of retirement and take their picture. :slight_smile:

LOL...Yes, it's all my fault. I won't name any names, but there are still a few guys on the roster who I took pics of last year. :oops:

Not nearly as many pics of Jamie as one would think, sig. But I may have had something to do with Flick's departure. I took quite a few pics of him for my daughter. Sorry DJ.