Black and Gold game this year ?

Has anyone heard when and where the Black and Gold game will be this year .

if you do not know have you heard anything at all . I am guessing SAT June 9 since June 2 would be to early and the first exhibition game is June 13.

I also assume it would be at MAC since last it was in Burlington only because Mac was being used .

Not certain, but I remember the team saying that Burlington would be the permanent home of the Black & Gold Day festivities. They may have even said it at the Black & Gold Day last year.

As for a day, I don't know. The 9th would be a good guess because last year's was on the 10th, but the year before it was on the 26th, so who knows. My guess is the team will announce it soon.

I have not heard anything, but June 9th would make sense.

As for it being located at Mac - I personally do not see it happening. Training Camp is held there for a few weeks, and the team is clearly marketing this team regionally.

I would say either in Burlington since the turnout last year was a success, or even St. Catharines or Kitchener/Waterloo to provide an opportunity for people in those towns to check out an event without commuting to Hamilton....

I think it should be at IWS

too big and cavernous for 2,000 people. burlington was great last year. we have training camp at mac now and everyone is more than welcome to go down there to watch them practice. Letting Burlington have the black and gold scrimmage, it's not even a game anymore, isn't an issue with me as we are trying to build our brand from Burlington to Niagara, Brantford to Guelph.

It wasn't that long ago that training camp was held at brock.

I agree with Banshee. Although, Ivor Wynne might be too big for the game, lets make full use of the old girl before shes gone. Maybe afterwards, give those attending a chance to walk the field, take pictures and videos for a keepsake and even provide tours of the place.

Years ago, when I could have season seats, they held a ticket pick up party and allowed us to come on the turf. It was the first and only time in 30 some years as a fan that I had the chance to do so and it was quite a thrill. I enjoyed every second of it and still treasure the moments now, especially with this great place about to be gone.

Just a thought....

i noticed this saturday the cats are advertising a black and gold game at ivor wynne
but also one next weekend on the 16th in burlington so essentially we have 2 black and gold games and the burlington one is still on ?

Hey guys

We’re bringing Black and Gold practices to multiple locations this year.

This Saturday, June 9, we’ll be at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Gates open at 2:30pm, with player taking the field around 3:15 for warm-ups.

On Saturday, June 16, we’ll be at Nelson High School in Burlington from 3:30-5:30pm.

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Be there this Saturday, June 9 for the final Black and Gold Day at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Fans are encouraged to attend the event, which will feature interactive inflatable games, the latest black and gold fashion in the Ticats merchandise tent and food available at the concession stands.

Fans are asked to enter the stadium via the gate at the corner of Beechwood and Balsam and watch the practice from the north stands. Gates open at 2:30pm.

On the field, The Ticats will take part in a mock game, with the offence, defence and special teams simulating various game situations. Players will hit the field to warm up at 3:15pm.

The Ticats will also host a Black and Gold Day at Nelson High School in Burlington on Saturday, June 16 from 3:30-5:30pm.

Back to Football ! :thup:

The Ticats like Black and Gold day so much they've decided to do it three times this year.

The team will hit the field Ivor Wynne Stadium this Saturday at 3:15 p.m for the first intra-squad session before travelling to Burlington on June 16 and St. Catharines on June 23.

Head coach coach George Cortez says the team will run approximately 60 plays as it prepares for its first pre-season game next Wednesday, simulating various game situations involving the offence, defence and special teams.

“If you want to come out and see some football, it's something good to see but it won't be like watching a game,? Cortez said.

There will be inflatable games for kids as well as food and merchandise available for purchase, though there will be no player autograph session. Fans are asked to enter the stadium via the gate at the corner of Beechwood Avenue and Balsam Avenue North and watch the practice from the north stands. Gates open at 2:30 p.m.

The team will travel to Nelson high school in Burlington on June 16 – there will be an autograph session that day – and to Kiwanis field in St. Catharines on June 23.

The scheduled Black & Gold game at IWS is a complete waist of time considering the fans can not interact with the players after the game. Fans can watch the team practise when ever they want. However,the fans are very limited when they are allowed to interact with the players. I certainly hope the other scheduled Black & Gold games in Burlington, St Catharines and the practise at Warrior Field in Waterloo will give the fans an opportunity for autographs and pictures. Any thoughts on this matter?

I think its due to the weather :wink: