Black and Gold Game Photos


No, it needs your password to sign in, not sure how to do it though. Maybe someone else can help.

Ok everything seems to be in working order now so enjoy the photos

Pics look good!!! Thanks for sharing them!! :slight_smile:

Thanks pal :thup:

Nice picks! Thanks

You can get them at There are a lot of shots of #19 for a little girl named Samantha. Cheers Harv.

Great pics Harv I can certainly get behind lots of shots of #19.

Here are my pics..some are of training camp and some from today.

great shots Hitch.

Thanks everyone. I won't be attending camp but perhaps monday or tuesday I will throw some more pics up and about.

Great pics folks.
Makes me feel like I've been there everyday.
Thanks for sharing them.
Donna :slight_smile:

A friend that I work with took some great pictures at the B&G game. He's not a football fan but he's a pretty good amateur photographer. Here they are:

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Sec25, I just looked at your buddies pics from the B/G game. Excellent action photos, really like the Richie Williams solo bootleg photo. Maybe the Spectator should give him a call, since the local paper lacks the type of coverage the teams deserves...How bout a centrefold pullout of the photos of yesterdays game?

The QB in pic # 3 looks scarily like Dmac throwing a ball (i'm assumnig its Eakin)

Thanks Bottom Line. I’ll pass along the compliment. Couldn’t agree more. I’m going to try to get him to shoot a couple of games this year. I’ll be sure to post the pics.