I agree 100% in fact it wouldn't be a bad idea to take it on the road every year .London, Brantford,Oakville,Toronto(LOL)

For those who bitch about it not in Hamilton , how do you think all the out of town ticat fans feel every year?

I'm not whining about it, I'm just saying it is too bad we can't make it because my kids really enjoy that stuff. I think they should do out of town events to drum up support. But I don't really get the whole "how do you think out of town fans feel" mentality since you know they are the HAMILTON Tiger-Cats when you buy tickets. I wouldn't expect the Montreal Canadiens to come trotting down and do an event in Hamilton just because I'm a fan (Please note This example is a bit of geographical hyperbole). I won't be there because it is too difficult to get to that location without a car and several kids in tow. If they would have chosen a location that was easier to get to by public transit I probably would have gone. Life goes on.

So Banshee, it would be ok for the Manitoba Moose to do something like this in a town 30 or so minutes outside of Winnipeg where they play but not for the Winnipeg Jets to do because it is the WINNIPEG Jets? That makes no sense to me. Burlington is an adjacent city to Hamilton and actually I never know when I'm in Hamilton or Burlington half the time in some areas.

I hear you and do understand where you're coming from but the Hamilton TigerCats are much more than simply Hamilton or should be.

I think what was trying to be said was that fans who live outside of Hamilton really shouldn't be complaining about events taking place inside of Hamilton because the team is, after all, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. I don't think it was meant to imply that the Cats shouldn't host events outside the city, but that people -- like the poster above who said take into account how Ti-Cat fans outside of Hamilton feel -- shouldn't really complain because you know when you decide to be a fan of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats you're going to have to go to Hamilton for most, if not all, the events.

Earl, you need to appeal to your fanbase with these efforts or go to under performing segments of your market you hope to expand. I’m not sure this does either. If it were held in Guelph Kitchener or London I’d have a much better feeling that was the plan. I’m really not sure what is hoped to be accomplished this way.

That's exactly what I was trying to (and what I thought I did) say. I don't care if they host events outside of Hamilton. In fact, it's obviously a good way to try to bring in more fans. What I'm saying is that since the team is from Hamilton it shouldn't be surprising to "out of town fans" that most of the events take place here. I'm disappointed not to be able to see the B&G game and all the events that are a part of that, but it's not the end of the world. Life will go on. I just have to agree that I'm not sure how having it in Burlington is appealing to a "wider" market. I thought the whole point of "out of town" events was to involve people who, due to location, would not normally be able to take part in these events.

I just have to agree that I'm not sure how having it in Burlington is appealing to a "wider" market. I thought the whole point of "out of town" events was to involve people who, due to location, would not normally be able to take part in these events.

Ok, I see your point now Banshee. What you're saying is that the TiCat fan base in a town like Burlington is basically "fixed" anyways so doing something there isn't really going to add any new fans anyways? It's simply catering to those who live there that can't for whatever reason make it to IWS or Hamilton for games or events. Is that what you're saying? Therefore, what's the point?

Well I agree and one point would be that the taxpayers of Hamilton have long contributed to the wellbeing of the team not only through buying tickets but also through financial support towards the stadium. What I'd like to see at a minimum is some benefit to the Tigercats ticket sales if Hamilton can't take advantage of this once a year free entertainment package. As a PR effort it really fails the city who the Tigercats really need to repair relationships with. As a promotion to increase tickets sales it also seems to fail. I'm not interested in going but I know some that take this rare opportunity to see the Tigercats who normally couldn't afford it. I feel badly for them

Burlington, ON L7R 3X5, Canada

Catch Parkdale to Downtown Burlington
Wallk Accross the Street at Burlington Termal Catch #10
After that you have choises to make click here for Bus Info

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If you have any Question Call Burlington Transit at 905-639-0550
Thanks Onknight
You can also catch burlington transit route #1 at king and James. i"m sure the driver will be able to direct you , also you can use hsr transfers to board burlington buses. hsr $2.55 BT $3.00

1 hour 40 minutes each way isn't practical. Busing won't be an option for most if any

and driving 2 hours each way to work in toronto isn't practical either but people do it. I take the bus to burlington every other sat from the east mtn 2hrs to burlington and 1 and half to get home. if you don't have a car buses are cheaper than cabs

Don't see any similarity there at all. When the Tigercats start paying $100,000 for people to come to their games and save them $2-300,000 on their houses there might be a relationship. until then I'll stick with my statement that 1hr 40 min is impractical and its unlikely many if any will take the bus for this event. You are an exception to the rule, but I'm willing to bet you have a more important reason to take that trip than a football scrimmage

Well said AKT! Im still in AWW why they would go to a High School to do the Black and Gold Game oytside of Hamilton. They Cfl took away our Labour day classic and gave away a Home game to Moncton, then they move the Black and Gold game outside of Hamilton! This SUCKS! I was so looking forword to going to this, but i wont be attending, im not spending 4hrs on a bus to watch a scimmage! Someone stated before the the Cats would not be renting a couple of busses to take fans out there, as they would have no idea how many would so up. Thats a lame excuss, all they had to do was post a thread here to see how many would show, or send emails out for those who responed would have a seat! Calmin sense to me!

sorry you won;t be here Brunce

But I am glad there giving us Something as We are part of Tigertown.
It only Scrimmage game it not like grey cup bruce.

Im sorry to Bro, but you are write, you are a part of tiger town! Hope the weather co-operates while you all!
Maybe ill see you at the Game next weekend in Toronto, ill be there!

Yep I am going

Imagine if the stadium was going to Aldershot! :o

Ahahah Don't get me Started :lol:

Weather holding at the moment 12:30 pm I went and checked out the seating again last night. I stand corrected, no more than maybe 300 riser seats. My apology for saying there was more. Hopefully, people are allowed to stand around because there is plenty of room but not much seating.

Ill be there.
does anyone know if they will be giving out rosters? I know they have in the past but I don't think they did last year.