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I have went to the past few BLACK AND GOLD DAYS at MAC ..Does anyone know how this field is and will we all be needing to bring lawn chairs to watch the BLACK AND GOLD GAME ?


I looked in GOOGLE MAPS and they appear to have a big playing field with track surrounding ..only concern is no seating

[url=] ... CAcQ_AUoBA[/url]

Any info is appreciated :slight_smile:


it a great field Very Much like Mac Just with some Bleachers and not rows of Stands
It a High school Field with Astro play Turf.
There not a lot of Seating so bring lawn Chairs
it the BMFA Stampeders Home Field.

I've coached at this field it a great playing area for Teams Very Fast Track

Thanks Onknight :slight_smile:

I think MAC would have been better due to all the good seating but maybe parking was an issue at Mac ?
I see they are having a BBQ etc so it might be good ...

i am anxious to see a few things :

  1. The new tall clemson receiver Aaron Kelly.
  2. A few new hopefulls at DB ..Carlos Thomas and Daniel Thomas
  3. Of course Avon Cobourne and some of the competors like Milner and Grant
  4. Our new 2 import Tackle Oline
  5. Rey Williams at MLB
    6 A full year of Jiminez and Baggs
    7 See if Khari Jones can use Thigpen better
    8 Chris Williams another speedy little kick returner
    10 what our new co-ordinators can do

One of the reasons the Black & Gold game is not at Mac is because the Steel city Ironmen play their games there & they have 3 games that day. I know because one of my nurses has a son who plays for the Ironmen

My Brothers Son is on the Ironmen.
He the starting Center on the Bantam Team
He having a great year.

I am coaching BMFA House league in The Fall but working a Playbook.

Im wondering why are they playing in Burlington when the team is called the Hamilton Tiger-cats! This should have been held at our OWN stadium like last year, especially when this is our last year at old stadium and you already took a home game away from us! :thdn:

I think having it in Burlington is a great idea. The team is called Hamilton but for it to survive they need support from all over and this is a good way to expand the fan base.

Real nice turf field, CFL size, folks, but there is certainly not a ton of seating. My son plays BMFA and they get a chance to play a game there each year and they love it. It is surrounded by a track so I don't know how or if they will allow us to sit anywhere but in the stands which I guess would seat a max of maybe 1500 general seating stands.

We cannot wait as it is only about 5 blocks away.Extremely easy to get to from the 403 take Appleby North to Upper Middle turn right and it's on the righthand side just down the street, parking and field around back.

Thats fine is your drive but do they even has a bus route that can take your there, if so what busses would i catch and where! As im sure alot of us fans dont drive and rely on public transit!

You'll dislike it even more when you see the bleachers, there's room for about 40 people. There's not even a ton of room for lawn chairs because of the sloped area.

Regardless, excellent to have this in a local neighbouring community. Although I'm sure that some out there will object, like some at RTH that don't care about the Hamilton Tiger-cats in the least.

Hey Jordan, got to disagree the seating was made for the student body and at the BMFA championshio there were at minimum 500 people and possibly closer to a thousand in the seats between the multiple divisions and all the teams.

There is bus service in the area Earl though I must admit I do not know the connections. The key is getting to Upper MIddle Rd. off of Appleby then you could literally walk to the school unless there is some type of physical issue which would limit the walk.

It is a terrific place to watch a game but the seating will certainly be an issue and even the parking might be a problem if there is more than 1000 fans there which I sure hope there is!

See you there everybody!

Last year there was approx. 1000 fanatics at Mac to watch the Black and Gold game. so I dont think there will be half that there due to the location !

[url=] ... burlington[/url]

Burlington Trasit link below;

Google Map below;

[url=,Burlington,+ON&cid=0,0,7594476140429251242&ei=i4XtTdqpFMPEgQfvr42MBw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CCMQnwIwAA] ... CCMQnwIwAA[/url]

Hope to see a lot of FANATICS there!! :thup:


Not all TiCat fans still live in Hamilton. Glad to see some marketing & promotions work stretching out beyond the Hamilton city limits. This isn't just about the scrimmage, it's about getting more involved with the communities in and around Hamilton.

Get over yourselves people.

Black and Gold was at Ivor Wynne last year, not McMaster.

Burlington, ON L7R 3X5, Canada

Catch Parkdale to Downtown Burlington
Wallk Accross the Street at Burlington Termal Catch #10
After that you have choises to make click here for Bus Info

[url=,%20Burlington,%20ON%20%28Downtown%20Bus%20Terminal%29&daddr=5150%20Upper%20Middle%20Rd,%20Burlington,%20ON%20%28Corpus%20Christie%20Secondary%20School%29&date=6//11/05&time=2pm&=%C2%A0&dirflg=r] ... 0&dirflg=r[/url]

If you have any Question Call Burlington Transit at 905-639-0550

Thanks Onknight

8) What you said, exactly !! :thup:

Sorry, the year before.