Bizarro World

This weekend didn't go at all like I expected. Calgary is still the top team. But the way Hamilton played them, they're clearly better than a 9-9 team and could return to the Grey Cup again.

Montreal is still a question mark. Nothing changed there. But Ottawa's win was still a surprise.

Clearly the Argos don't need Ray. Edmonton will regress. Mark my words: Reilly out and almost 30 penalties. Edmonton will regress.

Winnipeg upsets Saskatchewan in Saskatchewan.

Interesting times in the CFL...

Still early in the year I'm sure things will go back to normal by the end of July. Hopefully Reilly's injury isn't too serious but with no run game and a terrible start for the O-line might be good to keep Reilly sitting out a couple weeks for his own protection.

Eskies will face adversity in the next few weeks, and hopefully (as expressed by other posters) Reilly's injury isn't as bad as it looks. Though he plays for the Esks, you have to respect his determination and will to win, fun to watch him play.
It will be an interesting season for sure, already had the unexpected happen in only the first week, will be interesting to see what's to come (though I agree with the earlier poster, things will probably sort themselves out as the season goes on).

And the games just look weird ... all this zone coverage that I haven't seen since it phased out between '08 and '10, receivers open in gaps and creases everywhere. It feels like 1991 again with McManus vs Austin and the winning QB routinely throwing more INTs than TDs. Not sure if that's a good thing or not yet. Gimme a month for my brain to adjust and I'll get back to you.

Bizarro is an understatement.
it is incredulous that four QB's have gone done on opening weekend alone (Reilly, Durant, Crompton, Lefevour) and not including Ray who is still on the 6 game IR.

Player recognition is difficult as it is without the losses of these stars and is getting worse year by year.

BTW, anyone know the severity of Reilly's injury?
His loss may be the most damaging of all teams as Nichols is still as of yet unproven and was a horrific 1/8 for 8 yards and 1INT as the sub in the game.

Argos should be in capable hands with Harris/Mcpherson while the Riders at least have the experience of Glenn.

and the Als already had question marks at the QB position with Crompton and Lefevour and these losses will further press the team to develop one of their pivots (Cato? Bridge?) as the heir in waiting.

what a kerfuffle. I'm afraid to see what happens during week 2.

oh, and anyone hear of the status of Swayze Waters?

the Argos cannot rely on Stala as the incumbent for obvious reasons and would need to bring in a suitable replacement if Waters is out for an extended period which may prove difficult finding a dual kicker.

Guys like Dales, Bartel, Prefontaine, DeAngelis, Congi and Wilbur are available but are positional specialists and while McCallum can do both his punting leaves much to be desired.

however beggars cannot be choosers...

Yes very strange fist week. Imagine how Schultz feels, he came close to getting all his predictions wrong.

My Week 1 Power Ranking would be:

1 - Argos - QB looked good, Offense and "D"
2 - Bombers - offense looked good and shut down the Riders when they needed to
3 - REDBLACKS - "D" looked good and shut down the Als, good 2nd half by the offense
4 - Stamps - "stole one from the Ticats" - their "D" shut down the Ticats in the last minute. Put them ahead of the Riders only because they won
5 - Riders - the "D" just couldn't solve the Bombers
6 - Ticats - Red zone problems and their "D" couldn't shut down the Stamps in the final minute
7 - Esks - lack of offense and lack of "D"
8 - Als - lack of offense and lack of "D"

It's kinda rough to let the REDBLACKS ride ahead of The Stampeders, just because they beat The Als on the road...

Hi, welcome to the CFL. Its great to have some new fans watching games this year. Catch a few more and you'll get to love this league. BTW, the REDBLACKS are a second year expansion team and the Stamps are the defending Grey Cup champs. Enjoy.

Yes, the REDBLACKS were on the road, no one expected them to win, their defense shut down the Als, Burris looked good in the second half. That's why I gave them the edge over the Stamps. Remember this is WEEK 1 power rankings, nothing to do with what happened in the pre-season, last year or what will happen next week. Just my Week 1 power ranking opinion.

Thanks for the sarcasm - but you totally missed the point - MY opinion about Week 1 Power ranking, as stated above it has nothing to do with last season or the pre-season. It's about the results of Week 1 only