Bizarre ending to the Banjo Bowl!

Unreal decision by Tim Burke to opt for a punt instead of a 43-yard FG attempt that would have made it a four-point game if good. Instead, Mike Renaud punted the ball deep into the end zone and Winnipeg only scored a rouge. A quick three-play drive by the Riders and DeAngelis hit a 40-yard FG to win the game 25-24. WOW.

Oski Wee Wee,


....and Lapo smiles yet again again as he collects his paycheque. :wink:

Seriously, this hurts us. We really needed to Bombers to win

8) And Tim Burke was the runner up behind Cortez to become our Head Coach :roll:
   Just a totally unbelievable decision to not go for the field goal, instead of punting in that situation.

Any team that has to rely on another team losing so they can advance or have a chance to move ahead doesn't deserve it and haven't earned it. If we 'really needed Winnipeg to win for us to succeed then let's pack it in now, that's way too weak a position for a team that calls themselves professional to take or to put themselves in.

Burke was playing to not lose, should have been playing to win.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Just when you thought you had seen it all, another buffoon pops his head out of the gopher hole. Must be related to Cortez! What an incredibly dumb decision.

I'm Baaaaaack, Sandro gets the last laugh on everybody. :lol: