Bishop's tweaked hammy

. A BANGED-UP QB AND AN INCONSISTENT OFFENCE -- Michael Bishop will never be mistaken for Damon Allen or Tracy Ham running in the open field. But he was pulled from Sunday's loss after tweaking a hamstring and it's obvious it is affecting his mobility, such as it is. Regardless, the veteran pivot will have to be a whole lot better if the Bombers are going to extend their season beyond this weekend

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It's been tweaked for like 8 weeks now.

Are you lost? The Bummer forums are waiting for you.

It doesn't really matter.

Its already the playoffs.

We need to go in there and beat every single one of their "strengths" and exploit every single "weakness" for a whole 60 minutes.

We can do this.

Beat the fourth ranked Western team in the Eastern Playoff? If we cannot do this, we are fooling ourselves.

Beating Montreal takes a bit more "moxey", but Mtl doesn't do well in playoffs; if we can "keep up the scare" from a couple weeks ago, this can be overcome.

Should we advance to the Grey Cup, what Western team is unafraid if us?

Obie has indeed cleaned up and given us a "TEAM"..


Easy big fellow, one game at a time.

Thoughts we all share yet most too nervous to post.

One play at a time.

Do you just make stuff up as you go along????

The Alouettes do very well in the playoffs...its the Grey Cup games that they have can't get to the GC without winning at least one playoff game.

Yes, the Als do in fact do very well in the playoffs - it's the big game where they don't (ahem, ahem). They are like the Atlanta Braves of the CFL.

Even as a Ticat fan I have to agree with Als4ever. The only real playoff losses I can remember from Montreal are the 98 and 99 east final. Other than that they have dominated the east since the team was reborn.

edit I forgot about 2007 also when the Als lost in Winnipeg.

Alas...I fear that you are right Sir Ockham


Perhaps things will change this year....

The change I'm hoping for is an Als loss in the penultimate game.

In a one game "winner take all" situation, anything can happen.

I remember when Bud Grant was coaching Peg and just before the playoffs or the Gray Cup Peg would report that all their players were hurt and dying. Then on game day they would come out flying and the rest is history :oops:. Lets go to give them our best game and don't listen to any injury reports.