I guess he isn't under contract after all ????

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According to Sportsnet - God help us

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who are struggling at the quarterback position, have discussed the idea of signing free agent Michael Bishop, has learned.

A source said the Bombers' football operations staff has mentioned Bishop's name.

"I don't know how serious they are," the source said.

The Bombers have been getting little production out of the quarterback position this season and hit rock bottom using all three pivots - Stefan LeFors, who was acquired in the off-season to Edmonton to become the starter but has faltered badly, Bryan Randall and Richie Williams - in a 19-5 loss to the Toronto Argonauts on Friday.

Bishop has been out of football since the Saskatchewan Roughriders cut him after last season.

The Roughriders acquired the strong-armed pivot from the Argos midway through last season, surrendering a conditional draft pick. Bishop started eight games for the Riders, but was released two days after a disappointing game in Saskatchewan's 33-12 Western Semi-Final loss to the B.C. Lions.

He has been working out in Texas in hopes of resurrecting his career.

Bishop began his Canadian Football League career with the Argos in 2002 and had an 11-1 record as a starter in 2007, but lost his starting role in 2008 when the team acquired Kerry Joseph in the off-season from Saskatchewan.

even though i don't agree with Bishop coming over to the Bombers, i really think they need to pull out a trade and try and pull a QB from BC or Edmonton, if Bishop comes over you will see Lefores be released and this move if it fails will be the nail in the coffin for Kelly. wow things are getting serious now. Give Dinwittie a call he can be the backup with Williams.

....BRING IN THE GUN....hopefully it doesn't backfire....At least he has full-game experience at running an offence....whether he can understand our complicated schemes(lol). remains to be seen....I know he can get the ball into the vicinity of...Edwards,Bryant, and Bowman...and that'll be good.....Apparently he's been working-out in Texas and his arm looks better than for the his brain-power....hmmmmmmm,,,,,he still may need work.... :lol:...Now ..just sign Bruce and...presto...a dynamite combo...... :lol: :lol: :lol: ho ho ho.....

If that is there only option, then best of luck and like you said he does have experience, they should go after Bruce for sure.

The Bombers should bring in both Bishop and Printers. If one gets injured, the other can jump in there. They are both better than all 3 current Bomber QB's.

And Winnipeg should also go hard after Bruce. But the Ticats are interested, too. The rumored cost for getting Bruce: two players. I can see the Bombers flipping Edwards and Giles to the Argos to get this gamebreaker. Will Obie's offer be sweeter? I think Bruce will be traded by Monday, so we'll see. If the Ticats deal, I could see OL Gagne-Marcoux, and WR Currie or James being shipped to Hogtown.

good luck getting two players for a cancer

i doubt kelly is smart enough to go after bruce anywase...

or swallow his pride and bring back smith

id like to see armstead back as well

If you guys don't want Bish, I will definitely take him back for my Argos, as Joseph again proved yesterday he is not much better than your cast of QB characters.

well if you take bishop we'll gladly take josephoff your hands :lol:

Bishop is a FANTASTIC QB! The pundits for some reason or other have attempted to demonize him. He is a very smart QB, has played every type of offense there is, from basic to the highly complex run and shoot. Bishop was 11-1 as a starter for the Argos, the most exciting QB to play for the Argos since Doug Flutie. In fact there is a lot that Bishop can do that Flutie could only dream of. His arm is so strong, that many receivers just can not hang on. With Sask last year he came in and started with only 1 and a half days of practice, was named offensive player of the week twice in his short stay with the Riders.

Dont listen to these Sask guys that come by and trash Bishop, they simply can not think for themselves, they only understand what the pundits tell them. Bishop is the guy I would go after if I was putting a team together.

If we do not hear something by tomorrow then its only talk I would guess.

Take Joseph off our hands please!!! I was so looking forward to last season in Toronto, with Bishop as the starter and our new HC Rich Stubler. I have lost all respect for Mike Clemons and the Argos, they are running a circus. If only they did not go after Joseph all would be well in Argo Land.

ha ha thats funny, id be ecstatic to get joseph, for free of coarse...

wouldnt give to much for him

Ditto for me, just like Rodney said but in this instance, "take my QB please".

having an arm so strong it makes your receivers unable to catch is not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination.. and one of the things he can do that Flutie can only dream of is pull off a 30 yard overthrow.. but at least bringing him in would help us figure out if our current QBs are really as awful as they look or if its a system problem.. mind you Bishop's a sub 50% completion percentage QB even if it is a good system

... Edwards is a better receiver than Bruce (or at worst they're equal) and doesn't carry any of that baggage Bruce carries either.. if the Argos are offering this to me, I never hear that they're offering Giles because as soon as he starts saying Edwards' name the phone hangs up.. I don't even think Kelly wants Bruce if he comes for free because of his attitude, I'd bring him in as an FA personally but I don't want any part of a trade for him..

Terrence Edwards is not a better reciever than Arland Bruce... That is wearing the blue and gold glasses if ive ever seen it

I'm not overrating Edwards because he plays for the Bombers, I'm not even a huge fan of Edwards.. maybe I'm underrating Bruce because I don't really like him.. really, their numbers over the past two years are quite similar (156-2390-16 vs. 153-2149-16.. guess which set of numbers is which?) .. numbers aren't everything I know, but Bruce has always been a bit overrated IMO.. he's not an upgrade worth giving up Giles, especially not with his attitude.

Horse crapola.....who told you Bishop was sub 50%? He was above that in 2007 with the Argos Fella!!!! Also in Sask last year he was named offensive player of the week twice. The guys a great QB

That's why he threw 3 picks in a key playoff game last year and was immediately cut.

Look, Bishop is better than LeFarce, Randall and Williams, but he will cost you games with dumb decisions, especially lots of picks.

Good luck!

So who get's cut ? Lefors just cost a what looks like #1 and #8th pick in next year's draft. Randall's been around two years and shown nothing. Williams ?

...BISHOP=....quick fix...and who knows has the potential to actually get first downs and score a td.....He definitely won't be 2 and out every sequence...soooooo that would give our d a breather...and who knows???? :wink: The problem i'm having with this is that we appear desperate now.....People (including ol gullible me) put their faith in Kelly to the point where they believed he knew what he was doing...That has now been shaken ,to its very foundation...Kelly rolled the dice on the 'kid' (lefors) and came up empty...What he failed to realize is that Bomber fans and especially a new owner want to see results NOW...not 2012...Good Luck to Michael comin' in....I hope he does well...He has some talent to work with...What a lot of time we've wasted ... again :roll: