Part of the problem was receivers not getting open. Bishop had a couple of bad throws, the int, the missile to Cates (that he almost one handed), a couple over throws, and one one hopper. Other than that he actually looked really good throwing the ball. Even though I think Bishop played okay I still want Durant to start.

Miller said he asked ET to trade for Bishop. That was in the newspaper 2 or 3 times. Tillman has never been any place with Bishop. Miller coached him in Toronto.

Whether or not the fans want Durant to start it looks to me like Miller has made his decision that Bishop is the guy. Otherwise he would have put Durant in to see if he could get something going. Either way, our offense needs to start playing in the first quarter.

He did toss up a few lame duck passes that our receivers made great plays on, an early pass to Dressler in double coverage comes to mind as well as the late pass to Palmer where he eventually fumbled it.

Offense did look better in the 4th but we need to stop relying on that big comeback and play good football for 4 quarters.

Bishop played very well considering a) his wife was in the midst of Hurricane Ike and b) the BC defense was on his back a good part of the evening. Our offensive numbers were within 7 yards of BC's. The game was always there for us to win. Our Biggest probem was not converting one or two of those field goals into TD's. Nothing would have been accomplished by removing Bishop from the game other than undermining any synchronicity he his beginning to develop with our receivers.

I believe we didn't call the correct play when we got the ball back with a minute left. We knew they would blitz like crazy - we should have called a screen or handoff to Wes Cates.

Agree that we should have called a screen, but not to Cates as their linebackers would have been keying off him. Should have been to Szarka or Foord as the chances of the BC D expecting that would have been considerably less, methinks.

Bishop wasn't stellar, but far from awful. He wasn't helped by either his line play or play calling.

You can sure tell Geno hadn't played tackle all season. They missed Smith, and BC's front 4 is the best in the League hands down.

In terms of scheme, they seemed pretty vanilla, and, considering Cates ate them alive as a receiver the last game, I wonder whether they purposefully went away from that, or if BC took him away. Can't really tell that from TV....

I have realized you can't lay full blame onto a player, i think in this situation and partly with Crandell, they should have been replaced at the half (for crandell) and at the very latest the 4th quarter for bishop. I mean it becomes quite clear something has to be done when your offense sputters for 3 quarters. We can't pull 4th quarter miracles every game. And its not an arguement about if bishop is better than Durant or vice versa. It doesn't matter a simple change like that can affect the outcome very differently.

I noticed a few things watching Bishop over the past few games.

One his desire to win is at such a high level he doesn't rely on the other players. He goes away from Cates almost until it is to late. I have seen more attempted runs by Bishop then even Joseph. This means the defence can key on Bishop.

Bishops relaince on the long throw. He doesn't appear to want to establish that grinding type of offence but wants to go for the quick hits that are longer. While longer passes are more exciting, they allow the defence more time to rush. If you aren't dumping it over the middle they know they have an extra second or two to get to you.

Overall Bishop has to settle down and rely on the team and not attempt to do everything himself.

Also, relying on the home run and going away from grinding, you end up losing the time of possession battle, and put your defence in a bind late in the game.

But I disagree with you on Cates. Although we haven't seen the screens and utilized his talents at reciever. He's carried the mail a lot and taken the punishment for it.

zbest what did I say about Cates, other then he goes away from him to much.

He had 122 yrds rushing against BC (although trying to convince Rod Black and Duane Ford he outperformed both Roberts and Logan could be tough). Almost every passing play included some play action to Cates. I just disagree that they went away from him.

After the shot he took in Winnipeg, I can understand why Lapolice felt the need to throttle back the Wes Cates show. But we still saw a ton of him.

They did use him but not until it was too late. Cates needs to be established early in the game. Our pass offense needs to try some shorter throws. Ten yards gets a first down. The deep pass doesn't work every time. We can't just throw the ball out there and hope for the best.

This week Bishop needs to realize he is facing the best D-line in the CFL and play accordingly, short dump stuff to the guys with speed,use Childs and the new kid Nicholson, roll out and run ,or just throw OB, just don't hold onto that damn ball like it's the last bottle of Jack Daniels on the planet.....

zbest while Cates had a good most of his yards came in the 4th quarter. In the first half he had 6 rushes for 29 yards...still respectible but not anywhere near where it should be.

In the third it 3 for 25 and then fourth 6 for 70 yards