2 weeks ago Bishop was ok. Good enough for Riders to win. Last week he was great. CFL player of the week. This is his 1st pressure game. Calgary won last night. If Lions beat the Riders the Stamps and Lions get closer. Maybe the Eskimos do to.

How good does Bishop play tonight? If its not good does Miller bring Durant in. I hope Miller does what is best to get a win. ET was wrong about Crandall. I feel much better with Bishop and Durant.

Who would rather have Joseph and Durant? 3 weeks ago I would have. Not sure now.

if Bishop sucks tonite we will see Durant back in :slight_smile: i take the Riders tonite they win by 6 points :slight_smile:

Why is Durant listed as number 3 on Riderville?

Jyles can punt if Boreham goes down. The #3 QB isn't allowed to punt.

Either that or Miller likes Jyles over Durant.

We used to have Neil Hughes as the emergency kicker, but he probably wouldn't do so well, broken leg and all.

Thank you. That makes sense. I saw Jyles punt at practice. He punts better than Congi. He can really kick the football.

Are you serious? Jyles can punt? lol.

Anyway, If Bishop struggles in the 1st half expect to see Durant in the 2nd half.

Comparing Bishop to Joseph is easy becuase they are almost identical QB's. Although i'd take Bishop (yes i appreciate all KJ did with the community and the GC) but i think they run the same but Bish's got a slightly stronger arm and a better touch.

I think this game will show us if MB post season issues (choking ala burris) were a TO thing or partly his doing

Oooooo A Punter Quarter back that can there is something to get the Lyons thinking, take that Whally!!! Your midget duo does not scare us at all :lol:

why wasnt Bishop scrambling?
He is not a pocket passer

The defence was keying on it playing guys way out wide of the o-line waiting for the tackle to pull that way and they rushing straight up feild. O-line looked like crap and BCs secondary had our number today.

O-line did play poorly but Bishop still needs to throw the ball away before getting sacked. On a few sacks he had time to do that.

That's the system. Don't force the ball and throw the INT. Don't put your defence in trouble like that. Usually the defence won't give up 28 points and we'll win that one.

I don't think he should force a throw. He can throw the ball away without throwing an int.

We needed to get Cates involved much earlier to take some pressure off Bishop. I would have liked to see Durant go in after half as the game was still very close.

Well first and foremost yes the o line bluntly - su-ked. However Bishop played poorly, or at the very least wasn't getting anything done 80% of the time. I think its clear Miller isn't as keen on benching people as Austin was... if Durant would have been put in, would we have won? maybe , maybe not. But it would have changed things somewhat expecially after your offseason seizes up for 4 quarters.

Considering we lost a starter, the o-line played fine. Bishop had tons of time for the most part. We ran for 122 yards with Cates. Blaming the o-line seems a little over the top…

The only thing that bothers me about Bishop, is when he scrambles, he could easily get to the outside and run away from BC's D-line, but he always decides he has to cut back, run back 20 yards THEN try and either make the big throw, or run it ALL the way back.

Other then that, I don't think you can really get on his case about much until we see him play with our first team offence if they ever get back this season.

It wasn't our recievers they were making catches when he got the ball to them. Why isn't everyone as harsh on Bishop as they were on Crandell, he threw one hoppers he threw over their heads he threw passes way off.

I think Tillman is pushing Bishop on Miller.

Considering we lost a starter, the o-line played fine. Bishop had tons of time for the most part. We ran for 122 yards with Cates. Blaming the o-line seems a little over the top.....[/quote

If you read what I wrote you'd realize I didn't blame the O-Line. I thought Bishop needed to get rid of the ball before taking the sack. However I don't believe the O-line had a great game.

Would like to see more plays called to counteract the D line rush against teams such as the Lions. The O line had no chance as the play calling was too predictable. Thow in more screen plays and utilize Bishops running ability.
The O line had it tough tho against one heck of a D line no matter what.
I have a lot of faith in this coaching staff and am confident will be prepared for next week.