Bishop is going to be traded in the next few weeks!

You may be correct. He definitely is not a happy man tonight.

What a cry baby, did you see him on the sidelines? LOL

He looked like he was going to cry after Joseph's td run. Rita is insane if he keeps Bishop.


BC or Regina I'd think

On the one hand, I see where he's coming from. He's been on the sidelines for years, and for the past 2-3 years, anytime he's come into the game, he's succeeded, especially last year, however not being able to land the #1 spot. He's hurt. Nonetheless, he needs to put the team first.

Bishop will go to Montreal...maybe Sask

I agree 100% TOFAN IMO Bishop is a solid QB, but he should learn how to act when his team scores. :wink:

Montreal? maybe but you just know its going to happen. Bishop won't end the season in T.O.


His Argo days are numbered but he could end up anywhere.

Stubler sure doesn't waste time getting rid of malcontents and under-achievers.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Exactly !!! Just showed on his face what he truly feels !!! Despite the fact that the Argos have screwed him around, you still have to put your team mates first and show some positive emotion !!!

Barney: According to the Globe and Mail yesterday (Wednesday) Rich Stubler wanted Bishop as his # 1 QB. Then the Pinball went out and got Kerry Joseph which put Stubler in a heck of a bind.
My guess is that Bishop will ask to be traded and Stubler will end up having had no say at all in who he wanted as his starting QB...or what happens to Bishop.
What a mess. Being a new Head Coach sure comes with its headaches.

National Post confirms Bishop is on waivers.

I don't think he will have any trouble find a job...maybe he will be in a green uniform Saturday!

He could also go to BC Lions, they are unhappy with the play of their QBs.

I think he will end up with B.C

I don't know BC Wally can be a Hard A**
He May End Back in Area League where he was a Starter.

OK, I'm confused. The A---'s put Bishop on waivers to see if there was any trade interest in him? Um, if he's on waivers couldn't a team just pick him up for nothing, why would somebody have to trade with the Argo's if he is free on waivers. Especially because the news report said that if he cleared waivers they may release him...once again wouldn't that leave him available for anybody that wants him. I don't understand why somebody would have to trade for him?