Bishop versus Chang, who will win, Go agro`s

Big game for both teams, almost a playoff tpye of a game. Should be exiting, hope Bishop can hold up, it`s too bad he got hurt, I beleive Tor. would be 6 and 2 right now.

          Bad luck, Rocky can do it as well, come on Agros, play hard to win. You need to turn it around with a big win on Labour day. Goi after chang, sack him, stop the run Jesse L., go after their secondary, get some turn overs, come on Parker and the boys step it up and make a run for the Grey Cup. You still can do it, it`s got top start Monday.

                GOOD LUCK AGRO FAN

...i didn't know Chang was starting over Maas....if this is the case, the Cats' have finally made a good decision... :roll:

Bishop vs a team that takes 128 penalty yards per game?

I don't think it matters who the QB is in Hamilton, you can't win games with numbers like that.

(Seriously Hamilton is on pace for 2301 penalty yards this year. Is that some kind of record?)


Go Agros? Is this an College of Agriculture thread?

j/k.....If Bishop starts, it's an "Agro" walk, imo.....

A Toronto fan who can't even spell the name of his team?

Who would have guessed?

I think Agro's is a fish market in Hamilton.

Tigercats, the team with Chang in the roster.

Since we've already got into critiquing the spelling, my team is correctly ...Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Agros are always at IWS cheering the Cats on Labour Day. Many Agros regularly partake in the Forbidden Chant. And then there's John Agro lending his name to a CFL player award, and then of course former Hamilton Ward 2 councillor Vince Agro. So, count me in - Go Agros!

I can't believe they gave Chang the start... :frowning:

I's Maas been with his receivers, chemistry-wise this year?

True... but I just don't like Chang. :lol: Ever since he told Taffee he wanted to start, that sort of put me off on him...

Cats by 17.

You can't believe a team that has one win this late in the season has tried a new QB?

What is it about that that is difficult to understand?

Some times I wonder if people skip over posts just so they can attack a poster and feel better about themselves...

go agros go! Actually I'm cheering for the Cats , bigtime!! This game has all the elements for a huge pratfall for Pinball & the Argonauts, who have rushed their superstar QB back from a broken wrist too soon! Zeke & Destroy!! At least they have ex-NFLer M. McMahon ready to back him up :slight_smile:

Bishop and the Argos will skin the hapless ticats. Chang might make it to half time before Maas has to come in to solidify the loss.

I always cheer for the Cats. They are always the underdogs. too rpaege, the underdog rules....

...and for a lot of you, in one fell swoop I could edit the small spelling mistake in the title of this thread and make you all look foolish...