Bishop to start

Our defence must put some pressure on Bishop this game.
I don't think a three man rush will cut it, lets mix it up and get after him, no doubt he's talented but if we get enough pressure he will make mistakes.

and whenever u hit him try and hit his wrist and/or get him to land on it

Why? I'd rather beat them with their best players out there so there is no excuses.

Were doomed :smiley:

SCEvan I love your positive attitude, lol, but I feel the same way

I think this is great news.

I still think Bishop is a stiff.

Unfortunatley some idiot bought me a ticket to the game, so im forced to go, but the way i imagine it will play out ill be leaving the wynne at halftime :thdn:

OMG… I found someone who has the same idea of Bishop as me!!

He is NOT the blue team saviour… just let them THINK he is!!

I used to feel that way, but I now consider him the best q.b in this league. Physically the man is a beast, and has one of the strongest arms in football history and now he is making the right reads and is throwing with accuracy.

should we sign him after the argos ink printers?

I would. But you'd think the Argo's are well over the cap and wouldn't have room to sign Casey lol.

agreed. but.. this is the argos. they can do whatever they please.

Ya it seems like it, you’d think Bob would be able to pull some strings so we could operate the same way lol.

This year, Bishop beat us and an abysmal Stamp team before getting hurt. Two games. Put away the anointing oil just yet. :wink:

Until he actually puts together a meaningful streak of starts where he is successful at not armpunting into double coverage at crucial times, I won't be sold on him.

He has proven to be a great relief guy at times, but has been mixed as a starter. Sound familiar? Well, okay, Maas can't throw through a brick wall... LOL

Arm strength is one thing, game management and having a clue in reading defences is another. Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

It's statements like this that really piss me off. I'll tell you what sourpuss, take that ticket that some idiot gave you and go down to the stadium and give it to the first kid you see hanging around outside who would LOVE to see this game if only he/she had a ticket.

Problem solved, you are "spared" the horror of seing this game and some kid will thank you for it.