Bishop to make AFL/CFL decision by monday

Michael Bishop has three days to decide if he'll report for the opening of training camp with the Kansas City Brigade of the Arena Football League.

If he does, that could preclude the quarterback from returning to the Toronto Argonauts until after the conclusion of the AFL season. And that might not be until after the Arena Bowl, the AFL championship game, on July 29.

Bishop is one of five CFL players who have signed with AFL teams, whose season begins in early March.

Besides Bishop, the Argos have lost defensive back Jermaine Mays to Grand Rapids, while the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have seen third-string QB Ryan Dinwiddie sign with Arizona and defensive end Ron Warner with San Jose. Edmonton Eskimos defensive back Keyuo Craver has also joined Arizona.

The problem has resulted in hurried meetings between officials of both leagues. Both sides, however, are saying little.

"Talks are ongoing and constructive and there is the intent to have a resolution that works well for both leagues," CFL COO Michael Copeland said in an email from Miami where he is attending the Super Bowl.

AFL spokesperson Chris McCloskey added: "The AFL has tremendous respect for the CFL and ... we are working with the CFL right now on a solution to the player issue."

Bishop was coy when contacted at his Texas home. "I might go to camp," he said. "I haven't decided yet."

The strong-armed QB has played in the AFL the past two seasons. In 2004, after his contact with the Argos expired, he joined Grand Rapids. Last spring, he signed with Chicago after obtaining his release from the Argos, but saw little playing time. He returned to the Argos in August and signed a contract that contains the mandatory option clause binding him to the CFL for 2007.

Brigades spokesperson B.J. Cardin said Bishop signed with the club last October "after the end of the CFL season."

Told that the CFL season did not end until mid-November, Cardin said he could not say whether Bishop was under contract to the Argos "because I haven't seen the contract."

Bishop, who has been with the Argos since 2002, led the team to two important wins late last season in relief of starter Damon Allen. Based on those performances and the fact Allen is approaching his 44th birthday in July, Bishop is in a better position to grab the No.1 role. But he must be in training camp to gain that job.

Bishop can earn a reported $70,000 (U.S.) as the starter for the Brigade and understandably is reluctant to give up that kind of money. However, the Star has learned that the Argos have offered to cover that loss if he forsakes the AFL season.

Bishop declined comment on whether such an offer had been made and if it would impact his decision.

Argos president Keith Pelley would only say the team is having "ongoing discussion with Bishop. We hope to see him at training camp battling for the No.1 position."

Cardin said he expects Bishop to be in camp on Monday.

so, i guess we'll know if damon allen is the argos '07 starter or not on monday?!

My prediction, might be wrong but don't think so, he will pass on the AFL this year and be in the Argos camp from day 1. The Argos really can't afford not to have him there I don't think.

Hamilton also lost a player to the AFL DB/LB Arnold Parker.

TCTD searched the Arena Football League website
and found out that defensive back Arnold Parker,
signed with the Los Angeles Avengers on Jan 15/07.

I would be surprised if Michael did not show up and especially since the Argos said they will pay him the "big money" of $90,000 in the AFL. Plus this week with Bob McCown Pinball basically annointed MB as the number 1.
As for the AFL, this is a joke league and which does not obviously pay the big bucks ar nowhere close to the CFL. Our average is over $100,000 per player. With of course the number 1 QB's making in excess of $250,000.

Pinball's going to make him number 1????

Any response from Damon Allen?

they're trying to track down Damon at the retirement home, as we speak, to get a after the play-off game Bishop had against the Bombers...i don't think there will be much discussion about who should be no.1....Bishop would be crazy to walk on the Argos...just my opin.... :roll:

Not only will MB be the number 1, he will lead my Argos to a home field GC victory.
Take that to the bank.

The article said

"Bishop can earn a reported $70,000 (U.S.) as the starter
for the Brigade and understandably is reluctant to give up
that kind of money.

However, the Star has learned that the Argos have offered
to cover that loss if he forsakes the AFL season.

The Argo's have probably offered to pay him
what they paid him last season PLUS
about $80,000 CAD to cover his AFL pay

with the stipulation that if he starts
his pay will likely be what you said,
argotom, at least $250,000 plus.

AFL players make pretty good $$ now. Most QB's make around $100k or higher. Tony Graziani of the Philadelphia Soul is said to be making $1million over 3 years. Whether Bishop goes back to TO or stays in Kansas City he'll be on the bench after a few games.

If the Argos pay him a decent salary AS WELL as covering his 70K loss for not playing in the NFL, the CFL better enfore the 70K still counting towards the cap.

im sure it will

Soooooooooo? What's the word, eh?

Bishop has reported to the KC camp. Says he wants to play there to be near his 7 year old son. I can understand that. Just wondered why he wouldn't live there in the off season instead of Texas.
His agent says she has broken off talks with the Argos. My guess is that Bishop wanted starter money (200-250,000 ?)to for go the AFL season and the Argos were just offering to make up the difference (70,000 US)that he is to make in KC. It probably is a gamble either way. If he came to the Argos he might bomb and get cut because of his higher salary and by going to the AFL he might not have a job with the Argos later.
IMO I think he will come back after the AFL season and all will be forgiven as Damon will probably be injured.

well there ya go...Damon Allen is the starter for one more year!

from the star:
Buratto was in town recently to begin the task of deciding how the Argo offence has to be rebuilt to suit his system.

Buratto is not convinced that No. 1 quarterback Damon Allen has reached the end of the line as he closes in on his 44th birthday.

"I think he can still play. He says he can and I believe him."

I have a whole lot of respect for Allen and what he has accomplished but I think the Argos are in trouble. Their defence won’t be nearly as good in 2007 either.

why won't thier defence be as good?

Releases because of the salary cap.

who have they released so far that was important to thier defence last year?

Ivory, Bonner and Eric England

This move by Bishop ... should help Wally in trading Jarious Jackson