Bishop signs with Bombers will start against Argos on Sat

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Well, it says there's a chance he'll start...not that he definitely will, as you indicate...but still - Bishop, albeit not great, is an upgrade from what they have now.

After we kick a** in Toronto we are heading back to Sask shortly there after to kick your butts.
Bishop`s revenge coming to a town near you, and soon.

No offense, but you're not kickin' my butt, because I don't play. He can "revenge" all he wants to - it doesn't impact me one iota. I didn't come here to smack-talk - just to offer an opinion.

I remember you from last season, you came over from Sask because you have a woody for Joseph I recall. So I understand where your dislike for Bishop comes from. No offense :slight_smile:

Run and hide......your memory is clearly very very faulty...................and you are about to get owned.

And besides, how can you remember anyone from last year.........your post indicates you only joined on 21 July 2009.

The Argos should have signed him.
Well at least I will see my favourite player back in the CFL.

Yep, clearly you have me confused with someone else. I'm pretty sure it's biologically impossible for me to get a woody for anyone, so your recollection is faulty. I have no dislike for Bishop - I just think he is overrated, much as I thought Joseph was overrated.

Anything else you'd care to weakly attempt to match wits on? Let's make sure you do your fact-checking before you spout off this time though, eh?

Joseph is overrated, I'll take Bishop myself but clearly the Argos aren't blessed with the leagues best receivers outside of Heatley Bruce so it's tough to really say.

I had no idea, what can I say ? Are you busy Friday night :slight_smile:

Yep...I'll be watching a football game.

PP your education continues. :lol:

Yep? is that proper English? :stuck_out_tongue:

It's slang - not acceptable formally, but it is informally, which I'm sure you already know...and besides, with the grammar slayings that occur daily on this site, "yep" is the least of the evils... :wink:

No offense to the Bishop lovers, he has a great arm, and great feet but he could possible be the dumbiest QB outside of Vince Young.

You COULD admit you were wrong and say sorry. Any shoe, Id like to see M.B do well, he did throw alot of pic's but he takes chances! Often they pay off. Toronto DID have a wicked D when he played for them, Peg has a wicked D. I think he faired OK with sak. had on games and off, I personally think he would be doing very well with Sak if he had stuck with them. Even as a backup he can come off the bench red hot! K.J is a good QB as well, overall he dose not have as many stud WR's as he did in sak. I'm sure you think i really have no credibility as i AM a cats fan and our last few QB's have stunk! But this is just my opinion! Best of luck to M.B :slight_smile:

Argofanone must be so proud...The Bish is Back!

So nice of you to remember me :slight_smile: Went with a different name this year simply because I forgot my log in info. Yes I am very proud of Bish.

BTW... I am hoping to get to know jm02 this year, I think she is sweet on me :slight_smile:

You think wrong.

You’d have to take a number and wait in line anyway. And you’d be far behind me.