Bishop signed. Why not rehire Mike Kelly as a consultant?

Just think, with our stable of QBs and the combined football genius of PLP & Mike Kelly, we'll be the talk of the CFL!

They will ban you for bringing up that shirt disturber.

While you are at it, rehire Jeff Reinbold as Special teams consultant....... :twisted:

Bishop was signed because of QB injuries and needing a spare in case of more injuries.

I find it truly bizzare that this barely made a splash when Calgary did it earlier this season, but it's some kind of a big deal for Winnipeg.

Bishop was signed as a 4th-5th-6th stringer (depending on whether you count Elliott and whether Summers will stay ahead of him past this week).

yeah, I guess we can bring Kelly back as a 6th string head coach in case LaPolice and any four other backups are all injured?

For a supposed Bomber fan, you sure know nothing about this team.. lol

.....Mike will probably get a call from the riders once the season is over....This is him gettting his references together and the load of napkinsTaman left behind , that he'll present in the interview in Regina :wink:

Yes but while they are at it, do you think the Bombers could possibly see fit to head-hunt and re-hire Taman?
Please? :lol: :lol: :lol: