Bishop`s future in the CFL

Does Bishop remain a Blue Bomber next season? Lets say He leads Bombers to 1 playoff win this season? Does that get him a shot at next year? What if we lose a close game in the Eastern final to Montreal? What if he leads Bombers past Montreal to the Grey Cup?

Where does Bishop play next season? Or does he have to wait for another bad situation to arise somewhere?

Based on the way Bishop has stepped up and become a leader on the team recently, I think he will be in Winnipeg next season.

I'd have to think that as long as he plays well the rest of the season, there's no reason NOT to bring him back. Otherwise you're back to square one as far as having a veteran qb around. he named the starter in training camp??? That would be a bigger question...

Good question, lets see how the offence responds to these final games. Personally i wish him well.

I’ll place my bet as he will be back but he won’t be starter.

Unless one of the start up football leagues offer him a better deal (which is unlikely), I don't see him playing anywhere else but in the CFL, and no other team is interested in him besides Winnipeg so he will likely stay with the team as long as the team needs him.

I hope for his stake, and for the stake of the blue, he becomes a decent QB, and someone that can take Winnipeg back to the Grey Cup, and win it for a change.

...IF Bishop can continue his stellar play...the Bombers will want to keep him around in some capacity....He certainly can impart some knowledge to our 'green' qbs.....don't know if we'll ever find another arm like that anywhere soon....sooooo he stays.. :wink:

that. although I wouldn't completely rule out him being the starter. I expect he'll have a chance to win the job in camp, but I think if we see any sign of improvement from LeFors or from one of the new guys, and Bishop isn't significantly better than any of them, that the Bombers will go with one of their younger options out of camp next year.

Heck if you guys do not want him, if I was the GM of my Argos I would gladly take him back over the current two stiffs.

Bombers need to find someone else as a starter if they think Bishop will lead them to victories then they are nuts and their fans will stop coming to the games, their best bet is to chase after KJ during the off season, Bishop is nothing but a backup QB.

KJ Is worse than Bishop at best equal. I know a Grey Cup, but with his legs. The book is out on him,Defences will not let him run and he can't throw to win games. I put KJ in the Marcus Crandell's of the world. I see either Bishop continuing as a starter, one of the new QB'S brought in may have a shot or a healthy Lefors .

michael bishop will be around and probably start next year unless we make some sort of trade... you guys honestly want to go through the begining of this year all over again????

There`s a man that knows of what he speaks! As for Leforves, yes he has superstar all over him :roll: I am sure he is a great guy though seriously.

Kerry Joseph? Never been a huge fan, but at the same time he is the best QB the Argos have at the moment. They should have stuck with him this year and they might have won 1 or perhaps 2 more games(glad they did not) If I was him I would refuse to hang around Toronto much longer. Coach Bart is such a A HOLE

KJ is finished and done, and I doubt he would just leave his coaching job in Hamilton, who are kicking butt and taking names at the moment for the first time since 2004, to play again.

and don't underestimate fans of the Blue! They will support their team no matter what.

Backinblack, KJ would be Kerry Joseph, not Khari Jones.

Thanks for your support of Bomber fans.

For one I have seen the actions of these so called great Bomber fans, they don't go to games when the team is playing bad and they brag about it, end of story,majority of them are band wagon jumpers and will always be. This year has proven that, as for Joseph he is far from being washed up, the Toronto offensive scheme is not suited for his play, you will see when he ends up somewhere else. Your talent does not leave you in one year once you leave another team, he never did very well from day one in TO, I have been watching the game for alot of years and seen this before. Look at D Mcmanus when he went to other teams. Joseph needs a change and will be gone from TO and will be with another team next year if not this year. Bombers will have yet another losing record if they stick with Bishop as a starter next year, they will be going backwards and not moving forward, why did they release Glenn thought they were looking into the future talent, Bishop is not their future. atleast you better hope he isn't. Bombers won't be in the playoffs this year they won 2 games in a row, one team which is almost par with their talent and another team that is just not playing well right now.

Like Rider fans have always supported their team :roll: There were a lot of years in the not so distant past when the only sell-outs in Regina were LD because of Bomber fans going to the game.

Because Bomber fans going to the game? anyone that watches the CFL will call bull crap on that one, Rider fans have been supporting there team for years even the bad years, just look at all the fans that show up all over Canada to watch them play in other parks the fans are everywhere this is why its called Rider nation, no other team in the CFL can touch that. get over it the Bomber fans have shown their true colors this year, sure they have a reason to bitch but don't take it out on the players like that and boycot games and stop buying merchandise. Thats real support :roll: one sell out to date this year and I wonder what team was in town for that one??

:oops: sorry, I get confused sometimes. Interesting how Riderfan23 seems to have overlooked that fact as well, like he has overlooked the passion the blue fans have for their team.

your welcome :thup:

In 2005 the Riders average attendance was 25,454 with 2 sell outs (LD and last game of the regular season) and in 2006 the Riders average attendance was 25,293 and the only sold out game was LD. To date the Bombers average attendance has been 26,169 with 2 sell outs.

If you really Bombers fans are boycotting games and not buying merchandise, then I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you.