Bishop`s days are numbered

I think Pinball has given the order that Bishop is not to play with exception of injury to the premadonna.Stubler does not have the authority to play Bish at this point, even if he would like to, I think that is clear.

They will not abandon Joseph until after the bye week. They will make the argument that they have 16 days to get it together under Joseph. If it was not for the bye week, things might be different??

I think Bishops days as a Argo are numbered. Joseph will turn out to be a bust and keeping Bishop will only remind every body how inept Argo management/Pinball are.

A child will act the same, Pinball is acting like a spoiled child! My respect for him has gone down the toilet.

Would not surprise me if Pinball arranges for Stublers firing, returns to the bench himself to try and prove that Joseph was not a mistake. I see that happening this year.

The release of Bishop will shortly follow, it will give Pinball some type of warped satisfaction to take it out on Bish. I am disgusted in Pinball.

I think you are wrong about Pinball calling the shots. His job is to promote the team and get more corporate sponsers etc.
IMO Adam Rita is making the football decisions with maybe Dave Cynamon whispering in his ear occasionally.
But I do think your are right about Bishop and that is why Rita is keeping four QB's around. As soon as they can find a taker they will unload him IMO.

Too bad Ottawa couldn't get up and running next year. Bishop would give them an experienced guy to start with.

But I think you're wrong about Pinball. It the same as what happened to Austin, that was a Adam Rita decision IMO. He apparently has the backing of the owners.

I always thought Bishop would be an excellent CFL qb but I guess I'm wrong, maybe has also made too many enemies at the top?

BISHOP IS A EXCELLENT CFL QB, YOU WHERE RIGHT! It`s just that he found himself with some ahole management.

bishop is very very average. not terrible but never gonna lead a team to a championship.

altho, bish got jobbed friday nite. his receivers really let him down.

then again, they've been letting down KJ all season, so i dont know why i expected it to be any diff for 'the bish'.

Marcus Crandell is the poster boy for average CFL QB's. A career backup, but every once in a while, fate gives him a starting job.

And he led the Stamps to a Grey Cup.

If Crandell can do it, Bishop can do it too. But than again, Crandell sure seems to be a team player. Bishop, not so much.

I agree, Bishop won’t get a real shot this year. After trading for Joseph, management really doesn’t want to see him ride the pine. The only way Bishop can take back the starters job is if he can come in halfway through a game like last week, and lead the team to a win.

Of course, given that he doesn’t have anybody capable of catching a football on his team, that might prove difficult.

Well, according to TSN, Bishop has just been traded to the Roughriders.

Right you are, just read it!

Well if I was rooting against the Argos recently, now I hope they go right down the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ARGOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have to hope somehow that Bish gets a chance with Sask.

Bishop is much better than Crandell, no contest. Durant did look awfully good.

Go Bishop

I am still trying to figure out how the Argos thought this was the right move when the current no. 1 (Joseph) is struggling mightily. Unless the return is substantial at a position of weakness for them, this was a really bad move IMO.

They are going down with their man, they have totally lost it. I am quite sure they believe trading Bishop will get the monkey off Joseph`s back??

I am so dissapointed in Pinball, I no longer look up to him. This whole situation was Pinballs.

new pic below...

Pinball’s and Pinball’s alone? How so? I don’t see how that is.

Gotta say, when Bishop got his chance, didn’t look that great. Shoot, Dinwiddie did a much better job in the Cup!

I agree, the receivers let him down, but perhaps the same can be said about Joesph? No, no, that couldn’t be…

This should help refocus the team. One distraction has been dealt with (the QB situation, not placing the onus on Bishop), now, hopefully things can move forward.

that midget pinball has destroyed the team, his fake smile has accomplished nothing, nobody respects him or stubler, you think the players take stubeler seriously, stubler is just a hothead running around in shorts and is confused.

td69 why don’t you tell us how you really feel. :thdn:

His "fake" smile only saved the team from disaster under Sherwood Schwartz, and he took the team to the Grey Cup and won it. Sure, he has "accomplished nothing." Give your head a shake.

No one respects him? Speak for yourself.

As to the criticisms levelled at Stubler, you may have something there.

This could be a financial move and possibly making room for a QB down south to make an appearance to push Joseph.

This is a good move by Pinball the problems in the locker must be coming from Bishop for them to get rid of him. Pinball has not failed the Argo fans yet. I would bet something is coming down that may be a good move. They are making room for someone now who could that be.
Maybe a cast off from the NFL or could they be dealing for a QB already in the CFL?

One report yesterday on 680 news said Bishop demanded a trade. I have not heard this repeated not even on 680 news?

Good for Bish if he did put his foot down! Eric Tillman is sure singing Bishop`s praise.

The Toronto Sun this morning also said Bishop demanded a trade..

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

And of course Tillman was singing the praises of a player he just acquired! What did you expect? Did you expect him to say something like "Well we got a QB who is marginal at best, but it cost us next to nothing so what the heck do we have to lose?"