Bishop Returns Again

8) The Winnipeg Sun and Arash Madani , are reporting that the much travelled QB Michael Bishop will be joining the
   Blue Bombers today, to act as QB insurance in case Buck Pierce or Alex Brink are not able to play this week !!!

   Boy, just when you think you have finally seen the end of the road for Bishop, bang, he pops up again !!

   Unbelievable     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

He has to be the ultimate journeyman in sports. Never wanted as a long term part of a club but always coveted as a reliable quick fix to injury woes.

He's the substitute teacher of the CFL.

He's like the plague :lol:

Actually, Bishop has a cannon for an arm, although cannot seem to grasp playcalling and constantly misfires his targets.

The reason clubs keep giving him a chance is due to his amazing rifle arm, and the hope that his accuracy can be improved upon.

Reminds me of Dieter Brock's raw talent but without the accuracy.

His nickname should be "Wild Thing"

Great news, I love when Bishop plays for another team as long as its not Hamilton. :thup: :smiley:


The league is more interesting with him, yet I'm glad we don't need him.

Richie Williams may have been a better choice…At least he’s not all over the place.

Where is Richie these days? He’s not a bad QB, and only 28 years old as well.

Working in a NASCAR pit crew somewhere. Can't remember which team. Google should give you the name.

The Bish back, Oui Oui will be ecstatic. :thup:

:D :D :D

Michael Bishop and the CFL sort of just go together, it'll be nice to have him back in the league I say. Something likeable about him to me, well, as long as he doesn't win agains't the Cats of course. :o

Wow. He has certainly had a diverse professional career.

Too bad, as I would have liked to see how far he could have developed in this league with a little more experience.

Oh well gotta follow your passion I guess... :rockin:

Michael Bishop is the current reincarnation of Ricky Foggie and Reggie Slack; a monument to unfulfilled promise and team desperation.

Let the "Bishop Watch" officially begin.....

Bishop is a freak.

Also stupid … couldn’t spell “Cat” if you spotted him the “C” and the “T”.

or the "A"

Either way, I don't care if he can spell CAT, just as long as he can't kill the CAT. :thup:

Bishop is not on the Bombers’ roster, and they have not announced signing him, according to their website. Is all this talk about his return just a rumour?

Insulting the man's intelligence isn't necessary nor appropriate. How many here are members in Mensa?

Anytime I've seen Bishop at IWS he's signed autographs for fans of both sides.

I'd like nothing better to see him get another shot and excel (except against us).

true. And I'm one to spout... I still tie my shoelaces together and drink from the far side of the glass. :expressionless:
It's not so much his intelligence that is lacking (he could be Mensa material for all we know) as is his lack of reading defences and improvisation.

The man has a rocket for an arm. Nobody can dispute that. He may have had a better career as a MLB pitcher. Who knows.

Improving at his age (35) are very slim but that arm with accuracy would be scary.

8) Check the CFL site under "Transactions", and you will see that Bishop was added to the Bombers Practice Roster
 yesterday (Sept.29).

 The Bombers site has not updated that fact as of yet !!