Bishop released!

Final 2 games - 7 INT's, 1 FUMBLE... however, I give him credit for having a respectable 58% completion percentage.

Argofanone! Where you at? NOBAMA! Remember that? How does it feel to have Mr. Obama in the big house? Burns a little, doesn't it?

What does NOBAMA stand for?

by the way I'm happy Bish is gone!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!

As an Argo fan, I'm a bit torn on the situation. He was 11-2 for us last year. But, as you are well aware, is extremely prone to turnovers. He had very pedestrian numbers as a starter in 2007 but as I have said before, wins and losses are the numbers that matter in the end.

I figure that the dude is 32 and he hasn't learned yet, then he ain't gonna learn. It's too bad because there is oodles and oodles of physical talent trapped in that body.

DJ0088, who do you look forward to as the starter for next season?

Ps. NOBAMA would be a dislike for Barrack Obama.

I wish things would have worked out better for Bishop.
Oh well. Be interesting to see where he ends up next year.

Any ideas where he goes?

TOR - nope
MTL - nope
HAM - nope
SASK - nope
EDM - maybe?
CAL - a backup?
BC - nope
'PEG - nope

Does that look fair? I'm not sure of the backup situations for most teams... thoughts?

i could definately see the bombers dumping glenn and pciking up bishop

Dumping Glenn? Yes

Picking up Bishop? Not a chance, unless Taman has rocks in his head.

If AC goes out on top and calls it quits with a GC win, then Bishop could end up in Montreal.

Whoops! Now what?

I suppose MTL is a possibility. Are they happy with Brady as backup?

I'm very happy with Brady as the backup, thank you very much.

I would rather have a raw rookie out of college (who can at least learn) than Bishop.

Uh, we've got Brady, Macpherson, Santos, and Banks in the pipeline. We have zero need for a turnover-prone 32-year-old QB who still hasn't figured out how to read defenses or manage a ball-control offense, which is what Trestman runs in Montreal.

Sigh... the very thing I've been arguing all year on this board. Funny how it's fans from the other teams that point this stuff out.