Bishop Released!!!

Tillman doesn't screw around

I would've cut him yesterday.....

I hope he goes back to the Argos.

So do I. there some contractual reason to drop the guillotine so quickly? a bonus upcoming or something?....if not, and ET is acting out of spite, he isn't going to endear himslef to players I would imagine....did Bishop even get a chance to clean out his locker?...

According to Tillman on riderville (yeah, yeah, I know...), he wanted to ensure the certain persons were notified of the decision before they left for home for the off-season (and he mentioned Durant by name), which is why things were done rather quickly.

...pretty sure North Carolina has phones...

Yep, I agree...just sayin' what Tillman was sayin'...he wanted to speak to Durant directly after the Bishop announcement and before he went home, and they've talked about contracts...take that for what you will...

I would've cut him before the playoffs...

What a crap year for Bishop.
Literally just ups and downs and then the final down.

Bishop to pawn. Checkmate!

Doesn't surprise me in the least though and good on the Riders for doing it swiftly if he isn't in their plans.

I really wish he would have kept him untill Training Camp. I think he might have done better having the time to prepare for the season. Thats what training camp is for and Bishop didn't get that.

Me too, he deserves to be somewhere.

This guy will come back to haunt the Riders some day...

I highly would be very very surprised if he lands anywhere. The only thing that he really showed is that he is unable to perform at a consistant level, which will kill any team. Personally I am glad he is gone, and I don't need to worry about him being here next year. Honestly there were times that I wish we would have had Gainer in instead of him.

Half a season with a team is more valuable than TC. He never showed us that he was a consistently capable starting QB.

If that last pick would have been a Fantuz TD instead...He would still have a job. Unfortunately, the only thing Bishop does consistently is force the ball downfield. He had a couple good moments this year, but he simply ran out of LUCK.

For all of his faults, Tillman isn't stupid. He knows the rider fans are pissed not only at Bishop but at him, Miller and the organization for wasting a year without a legitmate quarterback. He had to act fast to try and get rid of the bad taste before it took hold. I know recent season ticket holders who have publicly claimed they would give up their tickets if he stayed. Other fans on this board mentioned it to. Sure we can say they are fair weather fans, but they are still fans. Some of them still remember the Ford days when he almost ran the organization into the ground by playing players like Bishop.

The other reason is Durant, Tillman and Miller screwed him over this season, he had to make nice. When Bishop was brought in, Tillman claimed he would have to earn the starters job. Well, based on Bishops performance the last game of the season he didn't earn the right to start the playoff game. But they did start Tillman wants to make sure he cang get Durant under contract, because the riders have no one else.

Lol, Yikes! If Durant signs with another, Tillman will be run out of town with pitchforks.