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there we go :slight_smile:

Odd, I saw it when you first posted it. . . now I go to look at the article again and it has disappeared. . .

Argos want to trade us some of their draft picks for Lefors. :wink:

You're obviously asking to be banned from the entire forum with that signature picture you've posted. It has been reported.

WTH is going on tonight ?

First the mysterious missing link to the transaction and now bare breasted woman ?

Everyone, log off, and log back in and start over.

Good job. At least that’s over now. And we’ll see if JYLES ever posts again.

So, here we are heading towards TC with another group of backups. Can’t really quibble with the cuts, but I hope there’s something more in the works. Fingers crossed…

well, turns out someone was playing a lil trick on peeps over on and i fell for it.

the link doesnt work, the story is bullcrap. my bad. plz lock the topic.

Yup, we’ll open it back up if and when the transacion is confirmed.

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Open for business again.

What about Bramlet ?

Well he's got to be next to go. . . even if he came to training camp, I don't believe based on what I saw of him last season, that he could win a roster spot.

It may not be that bad going into the season with LeFors, Santos, DiMichele, and Jyles. Maybe one can step up and be a quality starter. Last season the Green Riders were pretty unproven at QB, and Durant took a step up and became a quality starter, so maybe one of these 4 will do it this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a filing the paperwork issue or having problems notifying Bramlet that has caused the press release to not include his release. I don't think he'll be at TC.

i agree. probably having a tough time getting ahold of or locating bramlett. My guess is he's gone b4 training camp also aka he's next.

im fine with this as i feel its time for the bombers to go with a youngster and just let him play. who will that be? i dunno. may the best man win :slight_smile: i just hope bomber fans allow which ever qb is the starter this year to make mistakes and actually not boo him out of the building on the first int or incompletion he throws.


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says it there. yup. both have been officially released.

I think this is a major step for the Bombers. Live and die with Jyles for 18 games and I am sure he will come out of it at least as productive as as any J. Jackson or Mcpherson would be at this time next year. Will probably end up as a top 3 or 4 Q.B. in 2 seasons.

Once again, Jyles has NOT been named the starter. He's going to have to earn the job at TC. It isn't being handed to him. I wouldn't count LeFors and Santos out of the picture for starter yet. DiMichelle still needs seasoning but I think he's going to stick too.

So now the most experienced QB the Bombers have is LeFarce.

And you thought 2009 was bad, Bomber fans.


Hey...go away...come back when Kevin Glenn's having his knees replaced in August because Jimenez can't block anybody

I'm not sure what cheap stuff you're doing, but Mike Kelley is no longer the HC. Lapolice and the boys will surprize all the naysayers and bring the Bombers back to respectability. As for Bramlet, since he was brought in by Murphy, don't be surprized if he resurfaces in Calgary.

Did LeFarce light it up last year in Winnipeg? Has he ever lit it up in, what, four to five years in the league?

Ditto for Jyles.

Just stating the obvious, people.

You have no plan B.

I'm all for a team developing younger QB's, but get set for lots of incomplete passes and losses for a while as a result.

Jyles is known for his durability, very few injuries over his entire career from high school up until now. While it`s true anybody can be injured, you have a very good chance that Jyles will stay healthy. Lefors will be a quality backup under a good offensive system, not to worry :slight_smile: