Bishop Really Coming Back?

Despite his recent assurances that he'd be in Toronto by the time training camp opened, Bishop sure sounded happy today after being traded from Kansas City to Grand Rapids in the Arena League.

Having that job handed to him might just be more appealing than getting in a dogfight for the job in Argoland.

If his contract with KC was in question b/c he belonged to the Argos, his trade to Grand Rapids should be a crime of some sort in my book.

i cant wait untill we get that agreement

If the Argos are leaning towards Michael as there starter this year, than its time to pay him starters money so he doesnt have to work two gigs to support himself.

pay him starter money when he wins the job in camp, and not a moment earlier.

I am glad to hear this, he will be our starter and then he will get first string money.

He may be the starter but the team does not have to pay him "starter money" until next year......under a new contract!

I think the team has promised Bishop how they would pay him first string money and sign a multi year contract.

they said they would pay him that IF he won the starter job in camp.

they never said they'd give him that regardless of how he fairs in camp....u make it sound like he's getting starters money just for showing up.

No, he will only get first string money if he wins the starters job. Thats what the team has said.

may the best man win

After Bishop, we have a guy who may be over the hill, another who has potential and is a long term project and now a newcomer who played and what got cut by the worst football team in either league, the Detroit Lions.
Bishop by a land slide.

Too much time in Bishop for him not to return to cfl would be a negative for the cfl,imho- im hoping the Ticats trade Maas for him, He could do well in a no nonsence Hamilton Offence :thup:

McMahon might surprise a few of us Argotom. He is an experienced player, a great scrambler like Crouch and has a decent arm which Crouch and Allen are critized for not having. His intentions are to be the starter, if not I can see him heading back to the NFL because there is still interest there.

Being cut by the worst team works the other way too. I mean how good can you be when your surrounded by the worst players making up the worst team as you say? I'd like to see the how great Manning's numbers would be in Detroit's offence. A desperate Detroit team is now considering getting rid of Harrington. It's obvious they arn't willing to work with any QB as they need results now.

McMahon was actually one of the top free agent NFL QB's and it was a bit of a surprise to some he signed in T.O. I think it was a good move to bring him to camp especially after he showed interest and the coaching staff were impressed.