Bishop Probable Starting QB vs. Ticats on Labour Day

According to an article posted by Perry Lefko on today, Argo quarterback Michael Bishop has recovered from his wrist injury and will be probably be the starting quarterback against the Ticats on Labour Day.

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Well we always figured that. I don't really care who the QB is, I just want our defence to crush him.

;) :thup:

Bring it on!

hopefully ed o'neill and the defense takes cheap shots at Bishop's wrist, a young guy like JP should be licking his chops, JP has been playing like garbage this season, if he can mash up Bishop's wrist than he'll be forgiven for all his mistakes on defense. Bishop should have a target on his back on labour day.

primetime I think that was one of the worst posts ever. Why cheap shot someone??? Just go out and beat them man to man and with some honour. You sound like an inmate at Barton St. J.P will not get more liked by being a punk he will get better by playing with heart and crushing Bisop legally thats what he needs to do!!


Your post should be erased. It's disgusting. You need to get your head straight.