Bishop or Joesph?

Sorry guys i know this has probably been retreaded over and over again in your forum...but i was wondering now that Bishop has had a few games as a rider, who would you guys (argo fans) want as your starter?

I don't have any bad intentions or don't want it to come across as trolling, just honestly want to here an agros fan perspective.

Put me down for Bishop! I feel so strongly about it that I have turned on my lifelong team. Go Riders

Fully expect Bishop to get this weeks OPW award.

I think the general feeling amongst Argo fans is that the Kerry Joseph trade has almost destroyed this team...

Bishop is now 13-1 in his last 14 CFL starts if anyone is keeping track........

As I have said before this should have been Bishop's team. I definately would rather see Bishop at the helm as he earned that right in my opinion. I don't want to put Joseph down as him coming to Toronto is really something he had little control over and he has been a successful QB in the CFL elsewhere but the Argos already had their man in Bishop.

I will admit that I have never been a fan of Michael Bishop...........never a particular fan of Joseph either.

However, I must say that game on Sunday was absolutely the best I have ever seen Bishop play. And it's better than anything that Joseph has shown this season.

My feelings about the two are known...

But I do agree that the Joseph trade was not well thought out. I also think that even with Bishop at the helm, the Argo's have more issues that are affecting the team.

(Lest we forget Bishop's performances have come against the Bombers... the Riders D was truly awesome at the Labour Day Classic)

Any one else hoping the Argo's pick up Crandell? lol! I figure at the very least the comfort level for Kerry might go up.

the o-line belongs in ncaa division 3 football, the offensive coordinator couldnt even call a madden video game, you could have brett favre and the argos would still be messed up, this team is a joke until they address the o-line, and spend big bucks on a offensive coordinator and QBs coach.

Joseph plays better with the Riders. Bishop plays his best game with Riders. ET hired 2 good coaches. Austin and Miller. They hired good assistant coaches. The Riders do not have the best talent. But they do have the best team.

LOL, that wasn't to hard to predict. I bet you became a Chargers fan and dumped the Bills when Flutie left. It's too bad that teams have fake fans like this. Somehow a player who is only around for a few years becomes bigger than the franchise itself, really ticks off everyone else.

Bishop era is over in TO, time to move on and push for the Grey Cup. I remember in 2004 when no one gave us a chance, it was great to be a true fan then. You can really appreciate and enjoy the "ups" when you have been through some "downs".

Welcome to the life of a Rider fan lol

Move on Argos, Bishop wouldn't be winning any more games in TO than Joseph is, not with the "defense" you've been putting out there.

Kinda like the stock market today. Even back with the Brex thing. Everyone bought in and was huge on Brex (myself included). Till it went, down, down, down.......

It's funny how fanbases are like that.

It's hard watching KJ go through this, just as it was (and will be again) hard to watch Bishop go through it.

Such is life in the CFL, like the stock market, if you put all your money in one basket, you are dead before you hit the floor.

Sorry for posting late.

But I wish the Argos still had Bishop. Joesph came to Toronto, and we expected him to do something amazing. Like he did with the Riders. I still love Joesph, but Bishop I think is the better QB.

I am a Rider fan, and a Joseph fan. Its sad to see Kerry go thru these tough times.
I don't think the problem is Kerry's fault...I would bet the team as a whole just isn't coming together.
But Don Matthews is a great coach. He will tune it up, just watch. Don't blame Kerry.

Bishop by a country mile.
Although I wish it wasn't true, however it appears that Joseph at 35 is done.

Joseph was a better QB for the riders then Bishop was.

Fantuz, what are you trying to say?

That Joseph was a better QB THAN Bishop?

Or, that Joseph was better, and THEN, later on, Bishop became better, which is how you typed it.

Seems to me it's the other way around....................

..........and, I expect next season Joseph will be playing in the CFL, somewhere if not Toronto, backup if not starter.

I somehow doubt that Bishop will be in the CFL next season.

Sorry, what i ment to say is Joseph was a better QB for saskatchewan than Bishop was. The only reason Joseph got traded was because of salary cap isuses.